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Manny Khoshbin Net Worth

Manny Khoshbin Net Worth 2020

Manny Khoshbin is a famous real estate agent from America. He has been in the real estate business since the year 1992. He has over the span of his career selling more than 2,000,000 square feet of land and property in the United States. Here is a quick summary of net worth, career and earnings of Manny Khoshbin in 2020.

Early Life and Biography

Manny Khoshbin Net Worth 2020

Manny Khoshbin was born in Iran on the 14th of January 1971. He was brought up in Iran until the age of 14 when the family migrated to the United States of America. Manny had three more siblings, and he had a tough upbringing as his family did not have any possessions by the time they got to America.

He attended West Miner High School from where he graduated in 1989. Due to the hardship that the family had, Manny started working when he was sixteen years old. His first employment was at the K-Mart company. He worked as a labor clerk where he was responsible for collecting the shopping carts as well as cleaning them.

During his final year in high school, at the age of 18, Manny started his own business. He could buy nuts and dried fruits, repackage them and later sell them. He later closed down the company as he could not pay for the permit.

Personal Life

Manny is married to Leyla Milan who is a famous actress, model, entrepreneur, and a TV host. She has appeared in shows like ‘Deal or No Deal’ and the ‘Oprah Winfrey’ show. The couple has since been blessed with two children, son Enzo Pasha and daughter Priscilla.

Manny is known to have a big love for cars, and he even featured in the ‘Hitters Magazine’ which covers various exotic cars. He was in the 2013 edition. He has written a book ‘Manny Koshbin Contrarian Playbook’. Manny and his family reside in California where they have a very luxurious life.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Manny started as an entrepreneur when he was still in high school. He worked at K-Mart where he rose to the post of the assistant manager. He tried different adventures and he at one point lost all of his savings, and he had to start again from scratch.

He got his real estate license in 1992 and began to work as a mortgage company’s loan officer. He later in 2004, started Koshbin Company. His company has over the years experienced great success and is well known in the United States. It is involved in the material transaction, acquisition as well as disposition. Manny has never won any awards or nominations, but his success so far is a big achievement.

Net Worth and Earnings

The estimated net worth of this famous tycoon Manny Koshbin is $80 Million. He has earned all of this wealth from his real estate business. His company has roots in over six states in America today and is very successful. His net worth is expected to rise further as he is still active as a real estate agent.

Manny Koshbin started from scratch, and he made a name in the real estate business. He came from a humble beginning, and he worked his way up the success ladder. He is today among the richest people in the world. Manny has a dream of extending his company all over America. We wish him all the best.