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Lisa Nichols Net Worth

Lisa Nichols Net Worth 2020

Lisa Nichols is a high aimed motivational speaker who has successfully founded an organization and named it ‘Motivating the Masses.’ In a way, Lisa is not only a powerful speaker but also an ambitious businesswoman who has the power of a leadership role. She has inspired everyone with her motivational speeches that are intense and high in knowledge which in a way enlightens a person’s mind and soul in and out. In addition to this, Lisa Nichols has written down her powerful thoughts in several of her published books. Let us check out the net worth of Lisa Nichols in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Lisa Nichols Net Worth 2020

Lisa Nichols was born on 18 May 1966 in California in the United States, and thus she was born with American nationality. Lisa Nichols was born to father who was a professor by profession and a mother who was a primary teacher by profession. Lisa Nichols has grown up along with her two other siblings whose names are not revealed yet. Lisa Nichols did her schooling from the ‘Dorsey High School.’ In her childhood, Lisa Nichols had a difficult life as she has suffered child abuse for being black. In school, she was always bullied for being a ‘Black Girl.’

Personal Life

Lisa Nichols is a married woman whose husband’s name is not revealed anywhere on the internet. The couple together has one child who is named ‘Jelani Nichols.’ Though it was in the news for some time, the couple is no longer together and now living separately after their divorce.

Career, Awards & Nominations

In her initial days, Lisa started off by being a motivational speaker where she delivers speeches for the well-being of the people. Soon, with this, she became famous on a global scale, and people demanded to listen to her speeches more and more over the time. Meanwhile, Lisa launched her independent organization and named it as ‘Motivating the Masses.’ With this, she has conducted several workshops on her speeches to reach the maximum number of people for guiding their path on a better way.

Lisa being a public servant of the mass audiences has been honored and bestowed by several awards such as ‘The Ambassador Award,’ ‘Humanitarian Award,’ and lastly by the ‘LEGO Foundation’s Heart of Learning Award.’

Net Worth & Earnings

Initially, Lisa started with 10 dollars in her account, but with utmost struggle and dedication, Nichols has been successful enough of being a millionaire in the world. Nichols is running her independent organization ‘Motivating the Masses’ as a leading woman entrepreneur on the global scale. The total estimated net worth of Lisa Nichols is about $5.5 million approximately.

Lisa Nichols held up her workshops in motivating others through her inspirational speeches which changes one’s life on a positive note. Lisa has been tagged for her good deeds as the ‘Public Assistance’ of millions of people across the globe. In transforming the lives of millions, Lisa has led a popular and successful experience in changing the human thinking in a better way.