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Greg Lippmann Net Worth

Greg Lippmann Net Worth 2020

Business is always taken as the second option when one has already excelled in their career. Not many people start off with business as their only source of income unless they have been left with no other option. People get into business either because they have no other option or out of passion. This was no different for Greg Lippmann. Let’s continue reading to learn more about the net worth of Greg Lippmann in 2020.

Early life and Biography

Greg Lippmann Net Worth 2020

Greg Lippmann’s mom Susan Lippmann was a professional business manager at Purchase College. On the other hand, his dad J. Lippmann is a retired owner of a real estate management and investment business known as DBL Operating Corporation located in New York. Although Greg is in his late 40’s, he is still passionate about business and economics.

With, such kind of background Greg was so exposed to the field of business and finance. After clearing High School, he joined the University of Pennsylvania and just as everyone would expect he chose economics as his main course. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1991. Greg followed in the footsteps of his parents, and he has excelled with no regrets.

Personal life

Greg is not only successful in his career, but he is also doing well as a family man too. Gregg is only recorded to have dated Kimberly Lee Duckworth who later became his wife after they officiated their marriage on 14th December 2002. Kimberly is the daughter of Stephen M. Duckworth of Naples and Ingrid D. Bellemere, Las Vegas.

The wedding ceremony between Kimberly Lee Duckworth and Greg Lippmann was held at a club known as 200 Fifth Club located in New York City. The ceremony was officiated by Rabbi Stephen A. Klein.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Greg is a successful mortgage trader. He has worked for different companies one of them being Deutsche Bank where he held the position of global head of asset-backed securities for a number of years. He stepped down in April 2010, and Pius Sprenger succeeded him. Greg joined Deutsche Bank when it was going through a crisis, and he was able to sort out the losses on mortgage investments.

Lippmann later co-founded hedge fund LibreMax Capital after exiting from Deutsche Bank. LibreMax capital manages 900 million US dollars. Greg was recently recorded supporting debt forgiveness for all Americans underwater on their mortgages. This gained him a lot of positive support from traders and the locals too.

Net Worth and Earnings

Greg Holden Lippmann has dominated the field of mortgage trading. Although this is a very sensitive field, he was ready and set to face all the giants that would come on his way to success. Greg’s net worth is estimated to be above $1 million.

Greg Lippmann of Deutsche Bank can be said to be a living example of a bond trader. He came into this industry and with time he has become the center of control and a person to be emulated by anyone who intends to succeed as a mortgage trader. He believes in identifying what you’ve been called to do and doing it to your best.