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Erik Prince Net Worth

Erik Prince Net Worth 2020

Erik Dean Prince is a popular businessman and a retired United States Navy Seal officer who has best been known for being the founder of government services and also security company by the name Blackwater USA. The company would, later on, change its name to Academi. He has worked as the CEO of the company until the year 2009 and later to the position of chairman of the Board.

Currently, he is the head of Private equity firm by the name Frontier Resource Group and is also the chairman of the Hong Kong Frontier Services group. Keep on reading to learn more on the net worth and earnings of Erik Prince in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Erik Prince Net Worth 2020

Prince was born in the year 1969 on June 6th in Holland Michigan, and he is the son of Edgar Prince and Elsa. He is the youngest in a family of four children and graduated from the Holland Christian School. His father began working as a salesman where he was making 40 cents every hour and later on created a die cast machine firm known as Prince Machine Corporation.

This company was the supplier to the automobile manufacturing industry. He joined the United States Naval Academy and schooled here for three semesters before leaving. He was able to earn a degree in economics from the Hillsdale College in the year 1992. Some sources have said that he dropped out of the Naval Academy.

Personal Life

Prince is the brother to the United States Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos. The first time that he got married was to Joan Nicole who would later die of cancer in the year 2003 at a tender age of thirty-six years old. The couple had four children, and he has said that his wife was the one who introduced him to Catholicism. Before his wife died, he had an affair with his nanny, Houck and they got married in 2004. He has been married to Stacy DeLuke.

Career, Awards & Nominations

He began his career in the year 1994 during the Rwandan Annihilation. He has said that he was very much concerned with the situation in Rwanda and it helped him to understand that he could not just sit back and do nothing. From the year 1997 to 2010, his company was awarded $2 billion within the government security contracts, and over $1.6 billion was muddled to the federal contracts and an anonymous value of trust. This entrepreneur currently dominates the private equity organization: Frontier Resource Group and he serves as the chair of the company.

It has been reported that has a 25% stake within an Austria type Aviation firm that was named Airborne Technologies. He has currently been visiting officers in New York. One of the biggest achievement has been working as the Chief Executive Officer of the government services and security firm that is known as Blackwater. He continues to serve as the CEO of the Frontier Services Group Limited.

Net Worth & Earnings

Erik Prince has a net worth of over $2.5 billion. This wealth has been made from his career as an entrepreneur and also working as an officer in the United States Navy Seal Officer. He is the founder of the Blackwater Company, which has won several tenders of the United States that runs into billions of dollars.

Erik Prince has built himself to become among the most successful men in his venture. His focus and determination have seen the company he has headed to grow their total revenue. He continues to work in the board of management of many companies.


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