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Eric Schmidt Net Worth

Eric Schmidt Net Worth 2020

Eric Schmidt is a renowned American software engineer who is the current executive chairman in the Alphabet Inc. This is a holding company which was created for having the ownership of different companies which were associated with Google which included the slimmed-down version of Google as well. Previously, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Google for 10 years. In his time in leadership, he assisted the company in diversifying the product range in which it provides. Keep reading this article to know more about the net worth of Eric Schmidt in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Eric Schmidt Net Worth 2020

Eric Schmidt was born on 27th April in the year 1955 in Washington, D.C. to his parents known as Eleanor as well as Wilson Emerson Schmidt. His father was a professor in the international economics of the Virginia Tech as well as the Johns Hopkins University while his mother had a master’s degree in psychology. He also has two siblings who are his brothers. He had good performance in his school through which he was also an athletic boy as a long-distance runner.

He then later completed his high school studies from the Yorktown High School located in Arlington in Virginia in 1972. He then later went to Princeton University where he majored in Architecture though realized of his passion for electrical engineering through which he then changed what he majored on. He then later graduated with this bachelor degree in the year 1976. After this, he then joined the University of California where he got the master’s degree. He later worked on his Ph.D. from the same university and as a result getting a doctorate in 1982.

Personal Life

Eric Schmidt tied knots with Wendy Susan Boyle in the year 1980 with whom they have two daughters known as Allison and Sophie. They later separated in 2011. He has, however, been reported to date other women even during his marriage such as Marcy Simon, Kate Bohner, Lisa Shields, and Chau-Giang Nguyen.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Eric Schmidt had many challenges which he faced during his early life. He, however, overcame his challenges and as a result, turning them into great opportunities for his success. He commenced his professional career by working for different technology companies. In the initial stages, he was associated with Byzromotti Design, Bell Labs as well as Zilong among other companies.

Following the desire he had on software, he became the first manager of the Sun Microsystems which he joined it in the year 1983. He joined Novell in the year 1997 as a chairman as well as the Chief Executive Officer. He had much success and later in the year 2001; he then joined Google in which he joined as both the CEO together with being the Chairman at the same time. He had it as his personal responsibility of maintaining the growth of Google in the global perspective by building the corporate infrastructure.

Not only this, but Eric Schmidt has also been associated with the Apple in which he is one of the directors. In addition to this, he is also associated with some of the political toils in his country through which he was one of the members of the PCAST at the time of Barack Obama. He has had much success which saw him being awarded $100 million from the Google’s stock due to his contribution in its success among other awards.

Net Worth & Earnings

Eric Schmidt has an estimated net worth of $15 billion. This bountiful net worth comes from the fortunate earnings he has been making all through his whole career. He owns one of the most beautiful as well as luxurious yachts in the earth known as Oasis. He has been dubbed as a commercial pilot following his success. He was at one point awarded by the Google with a price of $100 million following his high contribution.

Eric Schmidt falls under one of the richest persons in the world. Due to his success, he has been featured in some famous shows such as the Silicon Valley that was cast in HBO through which he was a guest. He is also charitable through which he founded a Family Foundation together with his wife.


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