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David Tran Net Worth

David Tran Net Worth 2020

David Tran, a name behind a major industry. Many may not be aware of him, but the foodies of L.A. are sure to be conscious of Huy Fong Foods. It is one of the leading producers of Asian hot sauce. We are here to talk about the hand behind this extraordinary empire of Huy Fong Foods. Here are the complete details of career, biography and net worth of David Tran in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

David Tran Net Worth 2020

Let us start with his biography which is quite interesting for any ordinary audience like us. He was born in the year 1945 in Vietnam. Tran is an American-Chinese-Vietnamese businessman now. His birth-city is known as Soć Trăng, though his childhood was mostly spent in a village near Saigon. He always wished to do something to lead his country in the world. He did achieve it, now that we see him as the founder of the world famous Sriracha sauce company.

If you are wondering what this Sriracha is, it is one of the most savoured Asian hot sauces that has captured a great deal of the US sauce market. Before opening his company, he was in the South Vietnamese army. While he was really good at his work in the army, unfortunately, he had to flee to the U.S with his family when North Vietnam’s communists began to get in the way of South Vietnam, hence causing the Vietnam War in 1974-75.

Personal Life

Like any other man, he also got married in his own culture and had two children out of their marriage. The Huy Fong Company is run mainly by the Tran family. He himself being the founder made his son William, the President and daughter Yassie Tran-Holliday, the Vice President of his company.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Once he landed in Los Angeles in 1980, initially he did get a job but could not retain it. So, he thought of selling sauce for a living. This was the start of his current profession. He wanted to create something new for the people that would delight them. So, one day he tried his hand at a new recipe of his own and made this new kind of hot chilli sauce named Sriracha sauce.

Gradually his sauce started becoming famous and thus originated the Huy Fong Food Company. This company is based in Irwindale, California. About 200 employees were employed in the year 2011. Surprisingly enough, this company never advertised their products for sale. Their advertisement policy is based on word of mouth. Now, his company has gained worldwide fame, and they have also opened headquarters in different big cities of the United States.

Net Worth & Earnings

It is quite amusing how a person migrated to a new country and became such a huge business leader, and now he is almost $75 million worth. His only income source is his company which is a private family-owned company, brings all the profit to his bank account.

His story influences us showing how determination and value can take a man from being destitute to being a ruler.