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David Portnoy Net Worth

David Portnoy Net Worth 2020

David Portnoy is a popular blogger, businessman, and a podcast host. Apart from this, he is also the founder of Barstool Sports. He is quite an eminent personality so, let us explore some interesting facts such as the biography, personal life and net worth of David Portnoy in 2020.

Early Life and Biography

David Portnoy Net Worth 2020

David Portnoy was born on March 22, 1977, to Michael and Linda. His mother was a Mathematics teacher, and his father was a lawyer. He was brought up in Swampscott, Massachusetts, where he did his schooling at Swampscott High School.

He was also elected as the Vice President at his high school. Portnoy completed his graduation from the University of Michigan in 1998. Portnoy grew up playing football and had great command in it. He even had great skills in baseball and basketball. He had a dream of playing Division 111 baseball in college, but unfortunately, it was not accepted by his destiny. Portnoy had a shoulder injury while playing football which had pricked his dream cloud.

Personal Life

David Portnoy got married to Renee Portnoy in 2009, but according to sources, they both got separated in January 2017. Portnoy was arrested by New York City Police officers on 12 May 2015 as he and three other Barstool sports employees handcuffed one another on the floor of NFL headquarters. The protest was a reaction to “Deflate-gate”.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

After completing his graduation in 1999, Portnoy moved to Boston and began working at Yankee Group, which is an IT market research firm. After four years, he left the Yankee firm and began his work on Barstool Sports, which is his sports and lifestyle blog. He continues to run his site and retain complete creative central over the content.

In 2013, Portnoy launched a campaign to become the Mayor of Boston following the retirement of Thomas Mexico. After raising over $ 16000 in campaign contributions, unfortunately, he failed to submit enough nomination to qualify the election.

Net Worth and Earning

David Portnoy’s estimated net worth is $13 approximately, and it is growing more and more. The main source of David Portnoy’s income is from his sports and lifestyle blog- Barstool Sports. Portnoy even bought a mansion worth $2 million in November 2015 at New York. His lifestyle blog’s estimated income is said to be $900,000, and his salary is $850 per year, and thus, he is living a luxurious lifestyle. Portnoy is a man of virtues as he shares his income with charities and other nonprofit organizations.

David Portnoy worked hard throughout his life, he crossed all the hurdles that came in his way, and today he stands as an inspiration for all of us. A completely self-made man who has proven that success is achieved through hard work, self-confidence, and right conviction. Born in a middle-class family, he had put in labor bit by bit, and today he stands as a strong businessman in front of us. We wish that he may succeed in all the endeavors that come his way.