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David Gardner Net Worth

David Gardner Net Worth 2020

David Gardner is a well-experienced man and one who has created several businesses that are doing very well in the USA. He has been known by most people as a crafty mason when it comes to the financial services. He provides the service through the corporation of ‘The Motley Fool.’

David is among the people that created this company while the others are Tom Gardner, Erik Rydholm, and David Berger. This is a financial company that has been widely attracted huge investments from various people. The headquarters of this company is located in Virginia. Keep reading to learn more on the net worth of David Gardner in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

David Gardner Net Worth 2020

David was born in 1966 on May 16th in Washington DC. After completing his high school education, he proceeded to join the University of North Carolina at the Chapel Hill. He joined the university while on a scholarship and later graduated in 1988. Also, he also attended Saint Albans School, Washington DC before proceeding to join St Mark School which was situated in Southboro, and he graduated from here.

Personal Life

He is an elder brother to Tom Gardener. Together with his brother, they have co-authored very many books including ‘The Motley Fool Investment Guide,’ ‘Rule Breakers, Rule Makers,’ ‘Million Dollar Portfolio’ and ‘You Have More Than You think.’ Originally, he is from Washington DC, and he is living there together with his children and wife.

Career, Awards & Nominations

He started his career as an independent writer for a newsletter titled ‘Louis Richard Rukeyser.’ He worked as a columnist for a long time before he worked for Motley Fool Rule Breaker Advisory Service. Also, he was working as an adviser together with his brother. The two brothers can handle premium subscriptions as they have a vast knowledge when it comes to finances. Through working for the company, it has earned shares in some of the biggest companies including Netflix, America Online, and Amazon.

He is the creator of Motley Fool CAPS, which is a site that features intelligence of 75,000+ ranked stock pickers who are mainly drawn from the Motley Fool Community. Recently, the Motley Fool has come up with an online newsletter ‘Supernova’ which selects from David Gardner’s 150 or more stock picks and then puts them into two portfolios ‘Odyssey’ and ‘Phoenix.’

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of David Gardner is estimated to more than $22 million. His wealth has been created from several sources which include working as a columnist and a lead advisor for the company. He has reiterated that this is something he does out of passion and not necessarily for money.

David has been in his current profession for several years now. He has shown focus, determination, and hard work in everything that he does and this is one of the many things that has made him unique. Over time, David has set himself as a huge asset of any company, and this has made him earn a lot of money.


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