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Charlie Munger Net Worth

Charlie Munger Net Worth 2020

Charlie Munger is a famous American investor, philanthropist, and businessman. From the year 1984 to the year 2011, he has served as the chairman of Wesco Financial Corporation. He used to work as a chairman at Daily Journal Corporation in Los Angeles. He is the director of Costco Wholesale Corporation. He is a billionaire who has been able to earn a huge amount of wealth by working in the business field. If you are interested to know about the net worth of Charlie Munger in 2020, then you can read this article ahead.

Early life & Biography

Charlie Munger Net Worth 2020

He was born on 1st January in the year 1924 in Omaha in Nebraska. When he was a teenager, he started working for Buffett & Sons which was a grocery store. He got himself enrolled in the University of Michigan where he used to study mathematics. In the year 1943, he dropped out of the college and entered in US Army Corps where he was at the position of Second Lieutenant. At that time, he continued his studies with meteorology subject in Caltech.

Personal life

He got married to Nancy Huggins and with her; he had three children named Wendy, Molly and Teddy. Later on, he got married to Nancy Barry, and then he had four children with her. She died in the year 2010 leaving two of her stepchildren. Munger is interested in looking at the designs of various buildings and dormitories at the University of Michigan and Stanford University. He didn’t marry the third time after the death of Nancy Barry, and he struggled a lot with emotions during the death of his wife at such an early age.

Career, Awards & Nominations

When he went to California with his family, he decided to join a law firm and then in the year 1962; he started working as a real estate attorney in Munger. Later on, he left working as an attorney and concentrated on management of investments. He ran Investment Company in partnership with Buffett from the year 1962 to the year 1975. He used to own Wesco Financial Corporation and now is the owner of Berkshire Hathaway.

He hasn’t won any awards for his work, but he has helped many people in living better lives through his works as a philanthropist. He has got a Munger Graduate Residence which allows around 600 graduate students to live in. In the year 1997, he donated an amount of $1.8 million to the Marlborough school of Los Angeles. He has donated a huge amount of his wealth for the hospitals, charities, and institutions.

Net worth & Earnings

The net worth of Charlie Munger is around $ billion which he has earned by working as a chairman of large corporations. He is also interested in philanthropy as he is the main benefactor for the University in which he studied. He also donated $3 million of the amount for the improvements in Michigan Law School. He has contributed around $20 million for the renovation. He has donated a huge amount of money till now.

Charlie Munger has lived a luxurious life by working as a businessman. He has worked hard from an early age to become a businessman. He has married two times and his second wife died leaving six children for him to take care of. He became a billionaire by owning so many corporations on his own and along with his partner Buffett. He has been the chairman of the company owned by Buffett. He is also a nice person by heart as he has helped a lot of people in living better lives by donating his money to various institutions.


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