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Brian Moynihan Net Worth

Brian Moynihan Net Worth 2020

It doesn’t matter which career path you choose in life, if you give it your best and commit yourself fully to it, you will be able to cross any obstacles you meet on your way to your destiny. One person who learnt the secret of success in committing yourself fully to the job you do is Brian Moynihan. Let’s continue reading to learn more about Brian Moynihan’s net worth in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Brian Moynihan Net Worth 2020

Brian Moynihan was born Brian Thomas Moynihan on 19th October 1959 in Marietta, Ohio. He is the sixth child in a family of eight. His family is Roman Catholic of Irish descent. Moynihan attended Brown University where he took a course in history. He also co-captained the rugby team.

He later joined University of Notre Dame Law School where he earned a Juris Doctor. He later return to Providence, Rhode Island and joined Edwards and Angell LLP which was the largest corporate law firm in the city.

Personal Life

Brian Moynihan is happily married to his university sweetheart and classmate Susan E. Berry. Moynihan and Susan Berry met while they were both students at Brown University. They dated for some time and later on agreed to live together as husband and wife. So far, nothing much is known of the two whether they have kids, and if they do, how many they are. It is however sure that they are still living together and enjoying their marriage.

Career, Awards & Nominations

After graduating from university, he worked with Edwards & Angell LLP for some time. He has also held different banking positions before he finally became the president of the consumer and small business banking in January 2009 at Bank of America.

Some of the banking positions he held before 2009 include; Deputy General Counsel in April 1993 when he was working for Fleet Boston bank. Between 1999 and April 2004, he held the position of executive vice president of managing Fleet’s brokerage as well as wealth management division. He later joined Bank of America after it merged with FleetBoston Financial in early 2004.

After Merrill Lynch’s sale to the Bank of America, in September 2008, Brian was named its CEO. After working as the CEO of Merrill Lynch for some time, he was later appointed the CEO of (BOA) Bank of America. This was after Ken Lewis who was the CEO of Bank of America stepped down in 2010.

Net Worth & Earnings

Brian Moynihan has an estimated net worth of somewhere around $50 million. This is as a result of the salary he receives from Bank of America as their CEO and chairman. Brian is also a successful businessman and has a number of shares in the bank and other investments.

Although Brian Moynihan has remained one of the most successful businessmen and CEO of Bank of America since he was appointed, he has faced several criticisms. The major one came up in 2012 in a shareholder’s meeting that was held in Charlotte North Carolina. The shareholders complained about the bank’s mortgage servicing operations among many other issues.


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