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Billy McFarland Net Worth

Billy McFarland Net Worth 2020

Billy McFarland is an American millennial entrepreneur and businessman. He started three entrepreneurial projects. They are Fyre Media, Magnises, and Spling. He became the national sensation for his company Fyre Media. However, the plan failed. Do you want to know more about the career, biography and the net worth of Billy McFarland in 2020? If yes, keep reading the article.

Early Life & Biography:

Billy McFarland Net Worth 2020

Billy McFarland was born in December in New York City, US. The date of birth of the entrepreneur is December 11, 1991. His parents are involved in the business of real-estate. He spent his childhood in the Short Hills of Millburn, New Jersey. He took admission in Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, for studying computer engineering. However, he couldn’t finish the course and left it within nine months.

Personal Life:

Billy McFarland is an ambitious entrepreneur. He is focussing on his career goals. Though he likes parties, enjoying and networking but he has had no girlfriend till now. McFarland is not married yet. Most of his entrepreneurial endeavors are on the idea of networking.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Billy McFarland started his career as an entrepreneur in his early childhood. At the age of 13, he founded his first company that matches clients with designers. He later founded Spling, Inc. Spling is a tech-driven ad platform that helps in increasing media engagement and marketing revenue by simplifying the client’s content. The company mainly focused on Marketing, Advertising, and Ad-Targeting.

His second entrepreneurial work was Magnises. It was an exclusive club that will offer the people special events and deals. The access to these facilities was through their black card. It is made of metal, even heavier than your debit or credit cards. The idea was to use the card for making payments and give high reward points to the user. The person may get discounts at restaurants, bars, clubs and reserve for private concerts. The idea was nice. However, it couldn’t get success.

His third company Fyre Media made him a national sensation in the country. The company mainly targeted affluent millennial, entrepreneurs, and businessman who loves partying. The idea was to organize a luxury music Festival. Well-known actress on their Instagram promoted the event. There was a lot of hype. The guests promised to have luxury experience and lavish meals at the festival. However, when they start arriving, they found tents and pre-packaged sandwiches. The idea was great, but due to Billy inexperience and lack of guidance, the company failed.

Net Worth & Earnings:

Find out how much is the net worth of a person who has started many companies in his early career? With his first Spling, he has earned million across the US. He has also founded Magnises, a club for social events. With this, the entrepreneur has gone on to amass a net worth of over $6.5 million. His wealth doesn’t just come from his entrepreneurial career, but also from his parents too. They are the real-estate developers.

Billy McFarland has an ambition of becoming a successful entrepreneur. He keeps his head high even during his failure of projects. The entrepreneur has launched three companies in his early career. Though he is struggling, no one can predict what next company may be a successful one; he gives to the world.


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