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Arthur Blank Net Worth

Arthur Blank Net Worth 2020

The world of sports is proud of both professional players and club owners like Arthur Blanks. The American businessman has transformed many lives and received recognition. After rising from an employee to an opportunity creating billionaire, we will look through his life’s achievements. Let’s discourse the net worth of Arthur Blanks in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Arthur Blank Net Worth 2020

The 1942 born Blanks did not start as a wealthy man. His father and mother were Max Blank and Molly Blank. He has a brother called Michael, and their father was a pharmacist.

What made him very innovative and a risk taker? His education background is quite concrete. Banks attended Stuyvesant High School and graduated. He pursued a business administration and accounting degree and graduated from Babson College in 1963.

Personal Life

The personal life of Blanks is unique and of a rare kind as we will find out. Having divorced twice, Blank is in his third marriage. His first wife, Diana J. Blank, bore him three children. They divorced in 1993 before marrying Stephanie. They got three children before they divorced. He is currently married to Angela, who already has three kids from her former marriage. Is that a coincidence? Three marriages and three children for each partner.

In 2006, announced about his prostate cancer existence which was later treated.

Blanks is a known philanthropist who signed the Giving Pledge and offered to give away more than 50% of his wealth. This is great offering that we can’t underestimate.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Many people have made fortunes through formal employment which they use as a ladder to escalate financially. He was employed as a senior accountant by Arthur Young and Company after finishing college.

His second job was at Daylin Corporation, and he became the chief of Elliott’s Drug Stores. This division of Daylin was sold, and therefore Blank moved to Handy Dan Home Improvement Centers, another division of the company. He became the vice president while Bernard Marcus remained the CEO. The two lost their jobs. What mistake did they make? Well, in 1978 they were both dismissed from the organization due to internal power conflicts.

The two folks did not develop any kind antagonism after their firing. Blanks became a co-founder of ‘Home Depot’ together with Marcus. This was a journey towards the billionaire’s mark. Patrick Farrah is behind Blanks’ success since he helped them accomplish their goal of one-stop shopping. Their investment changed the overall home improvement services through its warehouse concept. After all this, Blanks and Marcus turned out to be billionaires.

He succeeded Marcus in the CEO position after acting as the company’s president for 19 years. In 2001, Blanks retired from the organization. Entrepreneur’s visions never come to an end. Blanks bought the Atlanta Falcons in the following year. The team plays in the National Football League. He continued and purchased the Georgia Force, a franchise of Arena Football League.

As this was not enough, Blanks attempted to buy the Atlanta Braves baseball club but did not it was sold to Liberty Media. He bought Atlanta United FC that started playing the Major League Soccer in 2017. Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the home ground for both the Atlanta and the Falcons.

He also owns other businesses which have contributed to his immense wealth. He received the ‘Changing lives Award’ in 2011 which was given by the American Institute for Stuttering. He was named the National Entrepreneur of the Year in 2005 and inducted to the Business Hall of Fame in the following year.

Net Worth & Earnings

The question in your mind could be, how much is he worth after all these achievements? Blanks is estimated to have a net worth of $5 billion. That is expected given him many successful business ventures. His wealth is expected to increase due to the appreciation of his main assets.

Arthur Blanks has gone a long way to making huge amounts of money. He has also declared to offer most of it for humanitarian support. He is a great icon who will be known as a lives changer and respected investor.


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