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Anne Wojcicki Net Worth

Anne Wojcicki Net Worth 2020

This is the story of the famous Anne Wojcicki. Success is not freely brought to your doorstep. One, first of all, needs to be patient, as it does not happen overnight. Secondly, one needs to focus on commitment. The rest of the recipe for success includes not relying on others, shunning distractions, getting rid of your everyday stagnating thoughts, seeking knowledge and not results. All this sums up the success story of one Anne Wojcicki. But how successful is she, and really, what is the net worth of Anne Wojcicki in 2020? Here we will find out.

Early Life & Biography

Anne Wojcicki Net Worth 2020

Wojcicki was born in 1973, July the 28th at San Mateo County. She is the last born of the three daughters to Esther Wojcicki who was an educator, and Stanley Wojcicki who works as a physics professor at the University of Stanford. Susan Wojcicki is her sister and also is the current CEO of YouTube, who initially was the former Google executive. Jane Wojcicki is her other sister, who works at the University of California San Francisco as an anthropologist and epidemiologist.

She went to Yale University where she attained her B.S degree in biology in 1997.

Personal Life

She married Sergey Brin in 2007 May. Together, they got blessed with a son in 2008 December called Benji Wojin. They were also blessed with a daughter in late 2011 by the name of Chloe Wojin. News has it that by 2015 March, the couple was living separately, which prompted Anne to file for divorce. In 2015 June, the divorce got finalized.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

When she graduated from Yale University, she secured employment in Passport Capital as a health care consultant for four years. This institution was a San Francisco-based investment fund. At Investor AB, Anne was a healthcare investment analyst. She focused on biotechnological companies. Later on, in 2000, Anne left work as a result of the attitude and culture of Wall Street on healthcare. She opted for MCAT and enrolled in a medical school where she instead focused on research.

In 2016, Anne together with Linda Avey co-founded the 23andMe. This company gets its name from the 23 pairs of human chromosomes. The entity is a privately held personal genomics as well as a biotechnology firm in Mountain View, California. It does genetic testing to its clients. Its personal genome test kit was in 2008 described by the Time magazine as the invention of the year.

She is also a member of the Xconomists which is an editorial advisors team for Xconomy tech news and media. She was in 2013 October named by the Fast Company as the Most Daring CEO.

Net Worth & Earnings

Currently, Anne Wojcicki is 45 years, and her net worth is about $470 million. That is so much wealth for only a 45 years old woman, I must say. However, despite her age, she has over time been involved in valuable activities and making the right choices including business and entrepreneurial choices. Her wealth can be attributed to hard work, and determination.

Anne Wojcicki is a true inspiration. Her achievements seem to have a rather firm foundation taking into account what her mother Esther Wojcicki stood for. At some point, we can see her mother advocating for not only the empowerment of women, the girl child in computer science but also the overall family well-being and family leave. She was out for good, and as charity starts from home, we can note her efforts in bringing up her daughters in line with what she has since stood for. Anne is a success, thanks to her sole efforts and focus, but also her mother, who laid the right foundation for her family.


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