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ZZ Top Net Worth

ZZ Top Net Worth 2020

ZZ Top is a renowned American rock band that was formed in 1969 in Houston Texas. This band, since the 1970s, consisted of a bassist as well as a vocalist by the name Dusty Hill, lead vocalist and a guitarist by the name Billy Gibbons and a drummer by the name Frank Beard. Keep on reading to learn more on the net worth and earnings of ZZ Top in 2020.


ZZ Top Net Worth 2020

ZZ Top was created in 1969 in the Houston, in the United States of America. This group comprises of Dusty Hill, who was responsible on the bass and guitar, Billy Gibbons who was in charge on the guitar and on the vocals and Frank Beard who was in charge of playing musical instrument drum. The band has been in existence for forty years, and they have been able to achieve a lot.

In the beginning, this band began in a tiny apartment added with the concert posters all over the places. Its manager was Bill Ham, who has been known for the music impresario. Gibbons later became the leader of the band and was in charge of the lyrics and all the musical arrangements that needed to be done before any show is done.


The first album that was released by this band was titled ‘Tres Hombres’ in 1973. This album was able to receive immense support from the members of the public. In 1979, ZZ Top was able to agree with a record label, ‘Warner Bros Records.’ With this studio album, this band went on and released another hit album that was titled ‘Deguello.’ This album was able to reach position 24th on Billboard Chart. The album had two popular singles namely ‘Cheap Sunglasses’ and also ‘I Thank You.’ Next popular album that was released by the group was ‘Eliminator.’ This album was able to sell over 10 million copies in the United States alone. They have been able to sell over 25 million copies of albums.


This American band has been able to achieve a lot. The proof has been the number of awards that the group has been able to win. This group has bagged awards in categories such as ‘Best ART Direction’ and ‘Best Direction.’ In the year 2004, that is when this band was honored with Rock and Roll, the Hall of Fame. Other awards that this band has received include VH1 Rock Honors.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of ZZ Top is estimated to be over $75 million. This fortune has been generated from their career in music where they have been able to release several albums that have done very well. Also, this rock band has performed in very many concerts and shows which they always smash.

Their net worth is proof of how good the band has been doing. The band was currently stationed in Hudson in the United States in 1969. One of their best-selling album is one titled ‘Eliminator.’ This album, in particular, has enjoyed massive sales across the globe.


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