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Paramore Net Worth

Paramore Net Worth 2020

Paramore is a well-known rock band that comes from the United States of America. This band was created in 2004 and has three members. These members include Hayley Williams, Taylor York and Zac Farro and the group has been together then later disintegrate and rebrand. One of the members who has remained in the group is Hayley Williams. The band has released a total of five albums, all which has enjoyed good commercial success. Here is a quick summary of the net worth of Paramore in 2020.


Paramore Net Worth 2020

The band was formed in 2004, and it has seen some of the founding members leave the group. As per now, the group has the following as the members, Hayley Williams, Taylor York and Zac Farro. Hayley serves as a lead vocalist while Taylor is a guitarist in this band and Zac is a drummer. Farro and William are among the founding members of the group while York joined the band in 2007. William is the only member who has appeared in all five albums of the band.


The group recorded and released their first album in 2005, and this album was titled ‘All We Know Is Falling.’ This album did quite well and ranked in charts including UK Rock Chart. It peaked at position four and number 39 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Charts in 2006. Their second album was launched in 2007 and was titled ‘Riot!’ A single from the album performed very well, and it was ‘Misery Business.’ Others included ‘crushcrushcrush’ and ‘That’s What You Get.’

The Riot Alum has remained among the most successful albums that the group has ever released as it got to be certified Platinum in the US. The year 2009 was when they released ‘Brand New Eyes’ which became the second best-selling album, and it was titled ‘Brand New Eyes.’ On the Billboard 200, it was ranked position two, and it earned platinum in Ireland. In 2013, they released a self-titled album ‘Paramore’ that that was ranked position one in the US Billboard Charts 200.


Apart from music, the band was involved in other various activities. The activities included the development of video games. They released their first video game in 2005 which had a song by the name ‘Pressure.’ Three years later, 2008, they would launch their debut rhythm game appearance with the title ‘crushcrushcrush’ which could be downloaded from a website. The games had so much success and won various awards and nominations as well. Among the awards included a Grammy Award for Best New Artist and the Best Rock Song.

Net Worth & Earnings

It is not very easy to compute the total net worth of this group. However, it is estimated that the net worth of this group is over $30 million. The wealth has been generated from their career in music where they have performed in various shows as well as concerts. Also, they sold numerous albums that have done similarly well.

There is no doubt that the band has not been stable regarding the membership. However, despite all these challenges, the band has continued to excel and impress their fans. Paramore continues to create very good music which is enjoying very good commercial sales.