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Major Lazer Net Worth (group)

Major Lazer Net Worth 2020

Pursuing your can sometimes be a big challenge. It is, however, very encouraging to mean a person or two who have the same kind of goal you are pursuing. Although they might not make things easier, they will make the journey fun and interesting. This is the reason why the Major Lazer trio joined together to form a team. Let’s continue reading to learn more about the net worth of Major Lazer in 2020.


Major Lazer Net Worth 2020

Major Lazer was founded in 2008. Initially, it consisted of two DJs who were Switch and Diplo. The two had met as they were working for M.I.A who is a singer and a songwriter. The two released a full-length debut in 2009 as independent artists titled ‘Guns don’t kill people… Lazers Do.

Their first debut was influenced by Jamaican dancehall music which made it very famous. It was praised by many contemporary critics as well as critical acclaim upon release. This has remained a unique song to date as it changed the reggae and dancehall genres. DJ Jillionaire joined them later, and the team grew a bit bigger.


The band officially released their first debut in 2009 titled ‘Guns don’t kill… Lazers do’. The album was well received by the audience. This gave them the confidence of releasing their second album “Free The Universe”. Their second album was not only accepted by the audience, but it also earned them a significant buzz. This was a commercial hit that ultimately gave birth to their single titled ‘Bubble Butt’.

The team is a great success, and every song they release gains them more fame and pushes them a step higher on their career path. Their single ‘Bubble Butt’ did not only make them famous, but it also received a gold certification in the US. This paved the way for them to release their third album in 2015 which they titled ‘Peace is the Mission’. This has remained their most successful album to date.

Awards and Nominations

The trio has been received several nominations and has as well won few awards since they released their first album. They have been nominated for ‘Dance Artist of Year’, Dance song of the year, and many more. They were also nominated in American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards in 2016. Last year, they were nominated at MTV music video awards and Teen Choice Awards.

Net Worth and Earnings

The current net worth of Major Lazer is estimated at $65 million. Since Major Lazer operate as a group, it would be a challenge to determine their net worth. It is, however, clear that the three receive their earnings from their studio albums. The net worth of Diplo being the main guy in the team has been estimated to be $30 million making him one of the wealthiest DJs in the world.

The trio is becoming better by day and is currently working on releasing their 4th album which will be titled ‘Music is the Weapon’. This time, however, they have incorporated Cashmere Cat and Tory Lanez and released a song titled ‘Miss You’. Much is expected of these youngsters before the year ends.


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