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Iron Maiden Net Worth (bands)

Iron Maiden Net Worth 2020

Iron Maiden, considered to be one of the most influential bands in the British metallic arena was not formed in a day. The primary person who has been behind its growth as one of the heaviest metal bands is none other than songwriter Steve Harris. The group has come up with some incredible songs in the past and has until now created thirty-eight albums. Let’s find out the net worth of Iron Maiden in 2020 and their story in the following article.


Iron Maiden Net Worth 2020

The band was initially formed in the year 1975. Steve Harris was the one to be behind the creation. A bassist, Steve started this band on Christmas Day. The band’s first show was in St. Nicks Hall, Poplar in the year 1976. This they did after months of rehearsals. During this time, the band’s line up changed and Dave Murray became a part of the group as a guitarist.

By the year 1981, the band’s line-up changed again, with Bruce Dickinson replacing Paul Di’Anno. During this time, they created songs like, “22 Acacia Avenue” and “Children of the Damned.”


In the year 1982, the band saw its first success with their studio album named, “The Number of the Beast.” This album helped them secure their very first No. 1 rank in the UK Albums chart. After this chart, the album soon topped many other charts of other countries as well. The band started their second world tour around this time. Before this, they created some of their best songs, namely, “Children of the Damned,” “Run to the Hills,” and “The Prisoner.” Their “Beast” album, as per the New York Times sold over fourteen million copies all over the world.


The band Iron Maiden had been considered to be one of the greatest bands of all time by different media agencies. For instance, VH1 ranked the band at 24th position for their chart called, “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock”. As per MTV ranking, Iron Maiden secured the No. 4 position among all the heavy metal bands. The band has won the award, “Ivor Novello” in the year 2002. They were also given a prestigious position in Hollywood’s Rock Wall in the year 2005.

The band’s mascot, Eddie became extremely popular among fans. The mascot was even featured in a shooter game. The mascot also had featured in Iron Maiden’s role-playing mobile gaming application.

Net worth and Earnings

As of now, the estimated net worth of Iron Maiden is at around $125 million. The band has been performing overseas, had associated themselves with different sponsors. They have been part of big gigs, live shows, and have taken some world tours. All this sums up to millions of dollars of net worth. The band members have different net worth.

Iron Maiden is one of the most influential metal bands of the 80’s. Their music has influenced an entire generation. Many people consider them one of the best rock metal bands of all time.


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