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Imagine Dragons Net Worth (band)

Imagine Dragons Net Worth 2020

Did you hear about “It’s Time”, “Demons” or “Radioactive”? It was in 2012 when the entire world started knowing Imagine Dragons when their singles started becoming super hit. No one ever knew from where Imagine Dragons came into life. But one thing is sure that they are a huge hit in the country and have impressive earnings. To know more about the net worth of Imagine Dragons in 2020, read the following article:


Imagine Dragons Net Worth 2020

Imagine Dragons is a famous band which consists of 5 individuals viz., Dan Reynolds who sings, Ben McKee who is a bassist, Wayne “Wing” Sermon who plays guitar and Daniel Platzman who is a drummer. The band was incepted in the year 2008 when everyone involved in this band was in college. The band was started by Dan Reynolds and Tolman. Tolman added a few guys for guitar, piano, and bass.

Later, they left, and Wayne Sermon who was a guitarist was welcomed by Tolman. Soon Tolman, the bassist too left, and Ban McKee took his place. In the year 2010, the band released two EP’s, Imagine Dragons was one of them, and the other was Hell & Silence. In 2011 Daniel Platzman joined the band.


It is quite an interesting topic to know how “Imagine Dragons” was evolved. In 2012, an album was released named “Night Vision” which had two hit songs “It’s Time” and “Radioactive”. Since the release of this album, Imagine Dragons came into existence. Then came “Smoke+Mirrors” in 2014 which was a continuation of “Night Vision”. Their latest album “Evolve” contained tracks “Believer” and “Thunder” which became a super hit just after their release.

The release of “Evolve” showed that they had a massive change in their vocals and they have to lead to their band’s growth. They have produced songs which include multiple genres such as dream, hardcore, romantic and many more. Now, they have videos according to every mood including classic rock songs. And yes, these songs are so worthy to listen that you won’t regret spending thousands or lakhs on their tours.


“The Time” was the first single sung by Imagine Dragons through which their career started. In the course of time, their live and studio albums were released which became a super hit. In a very short span of time, they gained so much popularity in the entire world. “Night Vision”, their studio album became super hit in the year 2013 thereby attaining top position in the billboard. So much more is left about this band to be revealed.

Imagine Dragons showed their willpower and determination and hence was able to achieve 24 awards (Billboard music awards, American Music Awards, BMI Pop Awards, Teen Choice Awards, The European Festival Awards as well as The iHeartRadio Music Awards) and was also nominated six times. In the future, it will be one of the biggest bands one would have ever seen with the maximum achievements.

Net Worth & Earnings

As of now, Imagine Dragons’ current net worth is approximately $20 Million, where lead vocalist Dan Reynolds holds a net worth of $12.5 million and they are able to earn all this money from their hit albums and songs. When “Evolve” was released and won an award- double Platinum Certification, around 83k copies of it got sold in the starting week. They earn a lot through tours and their albums.

The entire world knows about their songs or achievements, but no one has actually tried to study about their social life. They have the Tyler Robinson Foundation for the patients of cancer where they give charity.


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