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Hollywood Undead Net Worth

Hollywood Undead Net Worth 2020

Hollywood Undead is a famous American rap rock band which is based in Los Angeles, California and was formed in the year 2005. Its members are known to use pseudonyms as well as where unique masks that are based on a design of the common hockey goaltender. They got much of their popularity through the album known as American tragedy in the year 2011 which was in the top ten of the Billboard 200 chart. Along this, they have also released other albums as well as singes which have cemented in their reputation and popularity. Here are the complete details about the inception, career and the net worth of Hollywood Undead in 2020.


Hollywood Undead Net Worth 2020

Hollywood Undead originated in the year 2005 which was from a song that was posted in the band’s MySpace profile which after posting, this song got many positive reviews that led them forming a group known as the Hollywood Undead. This song was known as The Kids which was posted by Jorel Decker ( J-Dog) together with Aron Erlichman (Deuce), and after getting much popularity of this song they decided to team up with their other friends who include; Matthew St. Claire (Da Kurlzz), Dylan Alvarez (Funny Man), Jordon Terrell (Charlie Scene), George Raga (Johnny 3 Tears), and Jeff Philips “Shady”.

Its current members include J-Dog, Funny Man, Johnny 3 Tears, Charlie Scene and Danny. This band is based in Los Angeles, California in the United States in which their genres include nu metal and rap rock. Members who left this band include Da Kurlzz, Deuce and Shady Jeff.

Career, Awards & Nominations

On its start, Hollywood Undead took one year in which they were working on their debut album known as Swan Songs in which after the next two years they were looking for a company which would not censor the album. They commenced their production with the MySpace Records in the year 2005 though they left this label as they tried to censor their first album. After leaving this label, they then signed a contract with the A&M/Octone Records in which they released with them the Swan Songs in the year 2008 getting much success.

This band then later released a DVD/CD set known as Desperate Measures in the year 2009 which has six songs. Consisting of a remix in the Everywhere I Go. They also released there sophomore effort known as American Tragedy in the year 2011 which also got much popularity with the single hit being Hear Me Now. And also released the Notes from the Underground after two years and then the Day of the Dead in the year 2015. This all has given them much success in all that they have done. This have led them get several nominations together with getting some awards out of their performance.

Net Worth & Earnings

Hollywood Undead has an estimated net worth of $2 million. This comes from the fortunes this band has made in its albums which have had many sales. Its albums have even topped in several charts and made many sales contributing to their net worth.

The main founder of Hollywood Undead known as J-Dog is known as Hollywoodland magazine. The band has been loved from their unique performance in which they have remained dedicated in providing the best.