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Green Day Net Worth (band)

Green Day Net Worth 2020

Green Day is a famous band which was formed by Billie Joe Armstrong, lead vocalist, and guitarist who is also known for his punk rock band. Green Day band has several members such as Mike Dirnt who served as the bassist along with Tre Cool as a drummer. The album has been released while the collaboration of three artists as ‘Kerplunk’ in 1991 and also Jason White also served for this band, served as Guitarist and also considered in the official members list four years since 2012. Keep reading to know more about the net worth of Green Day in 2020.


Green Day Net Worth 2020

Green Day band came into existence in 1986 and contained numerous collections of albums. The band was also nicknamed as Sweet Children, originated in East Bay, California, U.S. There are also genres for this band as Pop punk and Punk rock.


Green Day band has been considered as the main part of the punk scene in Berkeley, California. The band has been released with the single labels in the records and made the records of more than 10 million shipped copies in the different states of United States. After the successful released of several records, the Band has released other records as Insomniac in 1995, Nimrod in 1997 and Warning in 2000. Their records didn’t hit the top list but named with platinum and gold status after the released.

In 2004, the band had released the seventh album American Idiot and had been viral in the young people who mostly like this album and more than 6 million copies have been sent for this album in the United States. Later, the album has been released with the theme 21st-Century Breakdown and helped the band for the rise in the number in the chart in 2009. The 12th album Revolution Radio which was released by the band has been reached in the top third position in the billboard 200 list.


Green Day has received numerous achievements in different releases. The band has got three American Music Awards in the entire work and also got nominations for more than ten times. There are several wins of the band which includes ASCAP Pop Music Awards two times, BRIT Awards two times, Billboard Music Awards six times, Bammy Awards seventeen times and also received Grammy Awards five time in the entire career.

Net Worth & Earnings

Green Day band has made an estimated net worth of around $175 million. The earning has been generated from the releases of several albums with millions of releases. At the first release, the album has earned thousand dollars, but after a few years the earning has been increases and rose to the millions of dollars.

Green Day band was formed by the lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong along with Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool. All the albums that released were mostly performed by these trio members, and they got fame while working behind this band. Moreover, the band also named Sweet Children and belonged to the California, United States. Their release was mostly liked by the youth, and their themes are also related to the young genres.


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