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Fall Out Boy Net Worth

Fall Out Boy Net Worth

Fall Out Boy is extensively recognized as an American based rock band created in Wilmette, located in Illinois, an exurbia in Chicago, in the year 2001. This band includes leading vocalist and a rhythm guitarist named Patrick Stump, a bassist named Pete Wentz, a lead guitarist named Joe Trohman, and a drummer named Andy Hurley.

Moreover, the band rooted from the hardcore punk based scene of Chicago, along with which every member get involved at some point. It is known that this group was created by Wentz as well as Trohman in the form of a pop-punk type side venture of the corresponding hardcore bands of members; also Stump has teamed up briefly afterwards. The net worth of Fall Out Boy is noted high due to its talented members working well, get more details below:


Fall Out Boy band was created in the year 2001 in a Chicago district of Wilmette, in Illinois by some of the friends namely Joe Trohman and Pete Wentz. It is known that Wentz was actually a visible fixture of the comparatively minor Chicago hardcore punk scene during the era of the late 1990s, making performance in several groups like Extinction, Birthright and First Born, and also metalcore band named Arma Angelus as well as the more political, i.e. Racetraitor.

Fall Out Boy Net Worth 2020


The first public performance of the band originated in a cafeteria running at DePaul University with Stilwell and an additional group which has performed Black Sabbath within its wholeness. Quite a few more members handed through the group, comprising drummer named Mike Pareskuwicz of Subsist as well as a guitarist named T.J. “Racine” Kunasch.

The band passed over a sequence of drummer prior to landing Hurley as well as recording the debut album of the group named Take This to Your Grave (released in 2003). This album has transformed as an alternative success and supported the band attain a devoted fan base by heavy touring, and also few reasonable commercial achievements. Take This to Your Grave was usually quoted as a powerful blueprint for famous pop-punk music during the era of the 2000s.

Through Wentz in the form of the lyricist of band and Stump in the form of the chief composer, the year 2005 based major-label revolution of the band entitled as From Under the Cork Tree has yielded two famous singles namely “Dance, Dance” and “Sugar, We’re Goin Down.” It became double platinum, adapting this group into stars as well as creating Wentz a personality and sensationalist fixture.


This band has attained a Best New Artist nomination in Grammy Awards of the year 2006. This band’s year 2007 based follow-up, i.e. Infinity on High, positioned at rank one on the Billboard 200 along with 260,000 sales in the first week. Also, it has yielded two international hit singles namely “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” as well as “Thnks Fr th Mmrs.”

Folie à Deux, known as the fourth album of the band, made an average response from followers and commercially cheapened outlooks. After the launch of Believers Never Die – Greatest Hits, this band perceived a break from the period of 2009 till 2012 to “decompress,” discovering many side projects. Also, the band has reformed and recorded Save Rock and Roll (released in the year 2013), which has offered this band its next career ranked one.

Net Worth & Earnings

The estimated net worth of Fall Out Boy is about $35 million. The band’s yearly income is $4 million. This band earned well by being prevalent as the Alternative rock band. It is found that earnings made from albums namely PAX AM Days is $4,250,000, for Greatest Hits is $4,000,000, from Folie a Deux is $3,000,000, from Infinity on High is $2,500,000, from From Under the Cork Tree is $1,800,000 and from the Total money of these Albums is $15.5 million.

Vocalist, guitarist, singers and drummers have excellently contributed towards making Fall Out Boy as one of the prominent band to date. Having career spanning 16 years, there is no sign of the major failure of the band.