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EXO Net Worth

EXO Net Worth 2020

EXO is a Korean musical group which is highly famous and popular in Korean with huge fan followers on every social media and also over the internet. It is best-known as the ‘South Korean K-boy band’ with international presence and prominence extensively. The music band group is expert in dance-oriented pop music which is largely recognized on a global scale. The group is founded in the year 2011 with the vision of becoming popular with the hip-hop and R&B genre of music. The main leader of the band group Exo Suo is also well-versed both in acting and singing at the same time. Let us find out the net worth of EXO in 2020.


EXO Net Worth 2020

The South Korean music band came into the establishment in the year 2011 by ‘Lee Soo Man’ who was the founder of the ‘SM Entertainment’. The music band is comprised of boys mainly from South Korea and China. This group has been promoted in various places in order to make it highly popular and well-known on a global scale. They have chosen specific audiences in the market like Chinese and Korean in order to focus their music in these two languages. The group members of this South Korean music band include ‘D.O’, ‘Baek Hyun’, ‘Xiu Min’, ‘Se Hun’, ‘Kai’, ‘Su Ho’, and lastly ‘Lay’.


In the initial days, the music band is formed by ‘Lee Soo Man’ and it was formed of 12 members considerably. Later, this group is sub-divided into two main groups ‘EXO-M’ and the other one is ‘EXO-K’. Previously, they only focused on only one type of music. But later they changed their focus to a specified market. One group focused on South Korean Music and the other one focused on the Chinese music. Over the past years, they came up with several singles and albums such as ‘XOXO’, ‘Mama’, ‘Overdose’, ‘Exodus’, ‘Countdown’, and many other notable ones.


The South Korean music band has showered utmost labor and passion to acquire these notable awards such as the ‘Mnet Asian Award’, ‘Golden Disc Award’, ‘Seoul Music Award’, ‘MTV Europe Music Award’, and much other.

Net Worth & Earnings

The music band has certainly gained much fame and glory with their extraordinary music albums which have crossed their selling record in the music market enormously. The entire group has focused their goal in one direction by entertaining a specified market in the long success of their musical band. This has eventually raised the bar of their entire band net worth as well as their individual net worth at the same time. As a matter of fact, the total estimated net worth of EXO is about $1 billion approximately.

This Korean music band has become the idol of pop music where it stands with 12 prime members added by ultimate powerful vocals. They are known for their best-selling albums such as ‘XOXO’, ‘Mama’, ‘Overdose’, ‘Exodus’, ‘Countdown’, and many other notable ones. They are actively involved with the music industry with the highest success rate and viewership over the internet. The chief members of this band groups were ‘D.O’, ‘Baek Hyun’, ‘Xiu Min’, ‘Se Hun’, ‘Kai’, ‘Su Ho’, and lastly ‘Lay’. The formation of the music band group is excellently organized with each member having their own independent talent and skills to be praised down.


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