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Daft Punk Net Worth (duo)

Daft Punk Net Worth 2020

Daft Punk comprises of two famous Frenchmen named, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. Daft Punk was created in 1993 for making electronic music. Daft Punk is reputed for performing with robotic helmets. Continue reading to find the net worth of Daft Punk as of 2019.


Daft Punk Net Worth 2020

The duo includes two French musicians. Guillaume Emmanuel de Homen-Christo (Guy-Manuel) was born on 8th February 1974 in Paris, France. Since childhood, Guy-Manuel played keyboards, guitars and electric guitar. Thomas Bangalter was born on 3rd January 1975 to a musical family. His father was a songwriter and producer for ‘Ottowan.’ At age 6, Thomas started playing the piano.

The duo met while studying at Lycee Carnot high school, Paris (1987) and found out they shared common interests. Laurent Brancowitz, Guy-Manuel, and Thomas formed ‘Phoenix,’ a French rock group, where Guy-Manuel and Thomas played guitar. Melody Make of ‘Darlin’ called them ‘daft punky trash.’


Daft Punk’s duo hides behind trash bags, wigs, and helmets. They conceived this idea from Clark Kent of ‘Superman.’ In 1993, Daft Punk was formed by two French musicians, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel. In 1993, Daft Punk played their innovative sound as a demo. This was released as instrumental single, ‘The New Wave’ by Soma Recording (1994). Soma Recording released Daft Punk’s single, ‘Da Funk’ that was commercially successful (1995).

Daft Punk’s duo’s popularity helped in finding a manager and the duo signed with Virgin Records (1996). The duo appeared on stage in the US without any masks. Daft Punk participated in ‘Event Further’ in Wisconsin, the USA. Daft Punk released first album, ‘Homework’ (1997). Wishing to promote the album, Daft Punk began its tour, ‘Daftendirektour’ through Europe and the USA. In September 1997, Daft Punk performed at the El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles.

In 2000, Daft Punk released ‘D.A.F.T.,’ dance music video with six tracks including ‘Homework.’ In 2001, Daft Punk released its second studio album, ‘Discovery’ that differed much from the style in ‘Homework.’ Daft Punk released singles, ‘One More Time,’ ‘Digital Love’ and ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.’ All became popular in clubs and dance charts in America and Europe. Daft Punk’s ‘Face to Face’ ranked on top in the US club play chart. Even after a decade, Daft Punk’s ‘Discovery’ has sold 1 million copies in America and Europe and over 3 million copies worldwide.

In 2003, Daft Punk released ‘Interstellar 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem’. In 2005, Daft Punk released the third studio album, ‘Human After All’ with new dance styles. Daft Punk toured to America, Europe, Australia, and Japan. In 2007, Daft Punk released an album, ‘Alive 2007’ from their performance in Paris. In 2010, Daft Punk contributed to Sci-Fi movie, ‘Tron: Legacy.’ Following, Daft Punk contributed to 24 tracks to Joseph Trapanese, the movie composer, for over two years.


In 2013, Daft Punk released the fourth studio album, ‘Random Access Memories’ with new styles and electronic innovations. It was ranked on top in album charts in over 25 countries. This was Daft Punk’s first album that was in the US Billboard 200 chart selling over 300,000 copies the first week. ‘Get Lucky’ is still one of the best selling electronic singles.

In 2014, Daft Punk won two Grammy Awards for the Best Album of The Year and the Best Engineered Album and Record of the Year and Best Pop Performance for ‘Random Access Memories’ and ‘Get Lucky.’

Net Worth & Earnings:

The net worth of Daft Punk is $140 million. Daft Punk members – Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter each has the estimated net worth of $70 million. Most of Daft Punks wealth comes from various electronic releases and others. Daft Punk’s usage of sleek robotic helmets makes their appearance on stage unique. This trait draws several admirers who are loyal fans.

Daft Punk is famous for releasing the mix of electronic house, disco, and dance. Interestingly, Daft Punk has gained popularity for wearing masks during performances.


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