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Backstreet Boys Net Worth (group)

Backstreet Boys Net Worth 2020

Backstreet Boys is a popular American based vocal group which is shorted as BSB and created in Orlando, in Florida in 1993. They are well-known for their success on which came on their third album known as Millennium which they released in the year 1999 followed by another successful album known as Black & Blue in 2000. They also have a popular album known as Backstreet Boys which they released in 1996. Here is a quick summary of net worth, career and earnings of Backstreet Boys in 2020.


Backstreet Boys Net Worth 2020

Backstreet Boys was formed in the year 1993 in Orlando which is situated in Florida. It includes; Kevin Richardson, Howie D., Nick Carter, Aj McLean as well as Brian Littrell. It commenced with Howie D. together with Aj Mclean who were residents of Orlando, and they came together and also found Nick Carter through some auditions. The three realized that they could harmonise. Hence they decided to create a trio. They were later joined by some cousins such as Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell who came from Lexington in Kentucky. They met the trio and agreed to form this group.

Career, Awards & Nominations

On its formation in 1993, the Backstreet Boys commenced its professional career through their first performance which they did in 1993 at SeaWorld Orlando. After this, they were then featured in several other different areas in the same year in which they went to eateries, shopping malls as well as charity parties which were within the location of Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

They released their first album which was known as Backstreet Boys in 1996 which gave them much reputation and as a result making this group be very popular. After this, they then released their second international album which was known as Backstreet’s Back in 1997 which became a great success making this group gain much popularity from the two albums.

On their release of a studio album known as Millennium, they got much popularity which was the peak of their popularity. This album was additionally backed up on another album known as Black & Blue which they released in the year 2000. They then remained silent for two years after which they then released their fourth album known as Never Gone in 2005. Due to their success, they have had more than 130 million sales globally making them as one of the most selling bands in the history. They have been featured in several awards receiving 7 Grammy Award nominations among other awards.

Net Worth & Earnings

Backstreet Boys has an estimated net worth of $230 million. This comes from the fortunate earnings they have been making all through their career line as a group. Initially, this group got its earnings from their performances in high schools, malls, parties as well as colleges after which they got contracted by Zomba Records. After releasing some of their tracks in Europe and Canada, they got many sales hence increasing their earnings. Later, some of their other albums got much of their popularity which made them be one of the best-selling groups in the world.

Backstreet Boys pop group has become one of the most successful groups through their outstanding performances which have been facilitated by their talented as well as the experienced group members. They have however spoilt their momentum due to poor management as well as addictions.


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