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Twenty One Pilots Net Worth

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Twenty One Pilots is a worldwide known band that was formed in 2009 by Tyler Joseph, who was the lead vocalist and other members who would later leave the band: Chris Salih and Nick Thomas. Currently, the band is made up of Joseph Dun and Nick Thomas who serves as a drummer. The band first release happened in 2011, and they have done several tours and very many releases. Keep on reading to learn more on the net worth of Twenty One Pilots in 2020.


Twenty One Pilots Net Worth 2020

This group, ‘Twenty One Pilots’ was created by college friends, Nick Thomas, Chris Salih and Tyler Joseph in Ohio. This group usually combines drums, piano and the synthesisers. The group has adopted a wide variety of musical style including hip hop, reggae and many more.

A large chunk of their fans have nicknamed them ‘Schizo,’ and the group has Joseph who acts as lead vocalist, ukulele, synthesisers, piano, and keyboard. In 2011, Josh Dun joined the group and in the same year saw two founder members leave.


The group released their first album in 2009 and then, Dun had not joined yet as a member. The album was an immediate hit, and it peaked at position 139 on Billboard Charts. Two years later, the group saw Salih leave, and a month later, he was followed by Thomas. Dun was recruited, and they launched their second album in 2-11 that was dubbed ‘Regional at Best.’

In the year 2013, Twenty One Pilots released their third album ‘Vessel’ and this album had so much success, and it was certified. The album enjoyed a very big financial success and millions of copies were sold. There were several singles in this album including ‘Holding on to You’ and ‘Fake Out.’

In 2015, the group released another album that was titled ‘BlurryFace.’ When compared to the albums that the group had released, it enjoyed much more success. It sold over three million copies, and it had singles such as ‘Heavydirtysoul.’ The group came up with a live album that had the title ‘Blurry Face.’


Their talent and skills are what has seen them rise in the difficult music industry. They have landed very many nominations in various awards. Also, they have won several awards including a Grammy Award, American Music Awards and the Telehit Awards. The combined total of wins, as well as the nominations, are 31 and 91 respectively.

Net Worth & Earnings

You may be wondering what the exact net worth of this group is. Well, with a success story, you expect a good figure. Their net worth is assessed to be over $20 million, and it has been shared between the two members. The source of this wealth has been from their career in the music industry where they have worked on some compilations including several albums. Also, the group has held various shows and concerts all over the world.

Twenty One Pilots is a group has been ranked among the best musicians of our time. Their hard work and determination are what has made them stand out. Their popularity is what has seen them get nicknamed ‘Skeleton Clique.’