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Suze Orman Net Worth

Suze Orman Net Worth 2020

Suze Orman’s story is an interested one. Ups and downs characterize her life story. Orman has worked so hard throughout her life as to be ranked among the world’s wealthiest people. Despite her humble beginnings, we can see her work tireless to change this narrative in the end. Here are the story and the net worth of Suze Orman in 2020 explained.

Early Life & Biography

Suze Orman Net Worth 2020

Susan Lynn “Suze” Orman was born in June 1951 in Chicago. She does a lot for a living. She is an author, financial advisor, television host as well as a motivational speaker. Suze holds a degree in social work but then has worked as a financial advisor for Merril Lynch. She became a vice-president of the retail customer investments at the Prudential Bache Securities.

Suze’s father worked in a chicken factory, while her mother was a secretary at a local rabbi. The family struggles financially every other time as she grew up. She had a speech impediment, and this made her childhood life a bit difficult. She has worked for a couple of years at California’s Buttercup Bakery and had dreams of one day owning a restaurant. Some of the customers in this bakery helped Suze to raise money to start up her restaurant.

Personal Life

Suze, in 2007 openly stated that she is a lesbian. The next year, Suze donated money to the Democratic party, and in an interview with CNN’s Larry King, she said that she supported the Democratic party’s policies, as well as Barack Obama, stand on people in the same-sex relationships. During her online interview with The Young Turks in 2008, claimed to worth more than $10 million. Since 2010, Orman is currently married to Kathy Travis

Career, Awards & Nominations

In 1980, Fred Hasbrook Orman’s longtime customer handed her a check worth $2000 meant to contribute towards her dream of launching her restaurant. He went a notch higher to urge other customers to make the same, efforts which bore fruits. This saw Orman save up to $50,000.

Orman had poor habits of managing her finances, and this saw her take all her money to Merryll Lynch on being convinced by a broker to take it there and opt for making easy money. In the end, she lost all her money. She was psychologically stressed, and this saw her studying finance, by reading the Wall Street Journal as well as the Burron.

She later applied for a job as a broker in Merrill Lynch. It is here that she later realized that the broker who had convinced her initially broke the laws of the company, so she sued the company. This company settled the lawsuit outside the court and compensated her. She left this company for Prudential Bache Securities. Later in 1987 she launched her own company called Suze Orman Financial Group and became the director for the next10 years.

She got her TV exposure after calling a local radio to complain of the incorrect financial information provided by a guest in the radio station. From there the radio invited her to do a show during that week.

She published her book dubbed You’ve Earned It, Don’t Lose It in 1995, which was a great success. It sold over 70,000 copies through a strenuous promotion she did for the released book.

She is a winner of 6 awards including Daytime Emmy in 2006, 2004, Gracie Allen Awards, 2009, 2008, 2006 and 2005. She was a nominee for the Daytime Emmy Awards for the Outstanding Service Show and the GLAAD Media Awards in 2013 for Outstanding Talk Show Episode.

Net Worth & Earnings

The financial advisor, TV personality, author and also a motivational speaker has a net worth of $35 million. She has earned all this through being a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch, the Prudential Bache Securities vice president, Suze Orman Financial Group founder and much more.

Despite her humble beginning, we can see that Suze Orman has worked hard throughout her life to make a name for herself. Her struggle to become wealthy teaches us that despite making uninformed decisions, one can still discover themselves, take the right route and make it in life.


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