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Stephen Hawking Net Worth

Stephen Hawking Net Worth 2020

When it comes to the University of Cambridge, some names will never go unnoticed. Stephen Hawking is one of the few men whose contribution in the University is vivid. Who is Stephen Hawking? Stephen Hawking born Stephen William Hawking is a professional cosmologist, author, and theoretical physicist. Stephen served as a research director in the University of Cambridge Centre of Theoretical Cosmology. This product will explain the awards, early life, personal life, and career. It will also unveil the net worth of Stephen Hawking in 2020. Read on!

Early Life & Biography

Stephen Hawking Net Worth 2020

Stephen William Hawking was born in 1942, 8th January. His place of birth was Oxford, England. Stephen’s parents are the late Isobel Eileen Hawking and Frank Hawking. He studied in the University of Oxford. Frank was a doctor by profession while Eileen was a politician, economist, and philosopher. Frank then joined a medical institute where he worked as a medical researcher while Eileen worked in a research institute as a secretary.

Stephen Hawking has two younger siblings, Mary Hawking and Philippa Hawking. He also had an adopted brother, Edward Frank David who passed away in 2003. His entire family later moved to the St Albans, Hertfordshire. Stephen Hawking has openly explained his family as complicated. That is, they always had dinner silently when everybody was reading a book. His dad would often travel to different countries when Stephen was young.

Hawking started school in the Bryon House School which is in Highgate. He then joined the St Albans High School. Stephen Hawking joined the University of Oxford under a scholarship. Hawking then moved to the University of Cambridge.

Personal Life

Stephen Hawking suffered from motor neuron disease. As a result of that, he went into depression. Stephen met his future wife, Jane Wilde in Cambridge University. The two got engaged in 1964. Stephen and Jane tied the knot in 1965, 14th July. In 1967, he welcomed their firstborn son called Robert. Three years later, this couple was blessed with a daughter called Lucy. In 1979, Jane gave birth to their son Timothy.

In 1990, Hawking started spending more time with his nurse, Elaine Mason. Jane and Stephen ended their marriage officially in 1995. In the same year, Hawking tied the knot with Mason. In 2006, the new couple divorced and Stephen started building a new relationship with his family.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Stephen Hawking kicked off his career as a professor. He started attending University lectures. Hawking then researched multiple science theories that are read today. In 1973, Stephen wrote his first book about science. Hawking worked in multiple universities throughout his career as a scientist. In 1975, he received a gold medal and the Eddington medal for his great work.

Hawking has also made many discoveries in the science department. This contributed to his growing popularity. In the 2000s, he toured different countries to teach people the importance of science. He also received multiple awards thanks to his exemplary science performance.

Net Worth & Earnings

Stephen Hawking has a net worth of $20 million. Hawking earned this net worth from his career as a scientist. Stephen has also written many science books to support his theories. In addition to all that, Stephen Hawking recorded multiple awards under his name. All this contributed a great deal to his current net worth.

Disability is not inability. To many people, Stephen Hawking was nothing but a disabled man. However, nothing stopped him from achieving his dreams. Stephen Hawking worked so hard to make his science dream real. From his life, a lot of people learn to focus on their dreams despite their physical features.


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