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Sebastián Marroquín Net Worth

Sebastián Marroquín Net Worth 2020

Sebastián Marroquín is a man known for various things. The Columbian man is not only an architect but also an author. In addition to that, he is the son of the renowned Pablo Escobar. He was a slain drug lord from Columbia. Did that affect the life of Sebastián Marroquín in any way? What is his life story? Keep reading to find out the answers as well as the net worth of Sebastián Marroquín in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Sebastián Marroquín Net Worth 2020

Sebastián Marroquín was born in 1977 on 24th February as Juan Pablo Escobar Henao. He was born to Pablo Escobar together with Maria Victoria Henao. His place of birth was Medellin in Columbia. He was born along with his sister who goes by the name Manuela.

In 1993, he lost his father. It was on 2nd December that year when the army traced his location, eventually. He was shot dead after fleeing to the rooftops. That changed Marroquin’s life. He, his mum and sibling left Columbia for Mozambique. The next stop was Argentina. Then, Juan Pablo adopted the name, Sebastián Marroquín. Given his father’s past, it gave him a fresh start.

For her sister Manuela, she works as an electrical engineer. She lives under an alias in Central North Carolina.
As far as his education is concerned, Sebastián Marroquín is a graduate who has a degree in architecture.

Personal Life

He is not only a husband but also a father. He and his wife have a son. As of now, he and his family live in Palermo Soho in Buenos Aires.

Over the years, he has met the victims of his dad. He has also visited Columbia twice. The first time, he had gone to pay tribute to his late father. The other one was for the premiere of his documentary. During the visit, their old Hacienda Napoles was out of bound. The reason is that the government confiscated it. It took the measure after the death of Marroquin’s father. It is now under the management of the municipality of Puerto Triunfo. It serves as a museum, camping ground, and public park.

Career, Awards & Nominations

In an Argentine documentary, he apologizes to his victims. Its release was in 2009 with the title Sins of My Father. In 2004, he released a book. Its title is Paul Escobar: My Father. He used his birth name after a long time. Therefore, its author is Juan Pablo Escobar.

In addition to that, Sebastián owns a clothing line and is an architect.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Sebastián Marroquín is more than $35 million. He has earned it through hard work. Some of it is through the sales of his books and documentary copies. The other portion is through his career as an architect. One cannot forget the cloth line that he and his family owns. Through the above activities, Marroquin has amassed the wealth mentioned above.

The life of Sebastián Marroquín gives hope to the people whose parents or relatives have a damaged reputation. That should not define you under any circumstances. Unlike his father, he has legally earned his money. He also apologized on behalf of his father. Despite that, Marroquin remains one of the best architect as well as an author.