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Robert Kirkman Net Worth

Robert Kirkman Net Worth 2020

Robert Kirkman is a famous comic book writer who co-created great works such as The Walking Dead and Invincible. Although he was not a co-founder of Image Comics, he has partnered with the other four. His work will continue after collaboration with Todd McFarlane four the tv series named. Let’s discuss the net worth of Robert Kirkman in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Robert Kirkman Net Worth 2020

Although he was raised up in Cynthia, Kentucky, Lexington is his birth town since he was born there on November 30, 1978. His interest in writing was noticed during his young age. Unlike many writers, he began his writing career when he was still very young which has helped him to be one of the best comic writers.
He has not disclosed information about his parents and education. However, his professional career is recognized worldwide.

Personal Life

Robert Kirkman got married to his current wife, Sonia Kirkman, and they have one known son. His name is Peter Parker Kirkman who is said to have been named after the main character of the ‘Spider-Man’. It is believed that they have got one more child. He used to love Zombie movies but was unhappy with the fact that they were short.

Career, Awards & Nomination

Kirkman’s first comic book which he co-created, Battle Pope, was out by 2000. He was a long way still from creating his wealth until doors started opening. He was employed by Image Comics to help create Super Patriot Ministries. Tech Jacket is one of the series he co-created in 2001.

Two years later, together with Cory Walker, they created Invincible. It is still recognized as one of his best works. His career is incomplete without mentioning the greatest of all, The Walking Dead which he started creating in 2003. He continued writing other great works for Marvel Comics such as Epic Anthology, Spider-Man Unlimited, X-Men Unlimited, Captain America, Inhumans, Marvel Zombies, and Fantastic Four: Foes.

Kirkman has written various episodes of both ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ The latter is a companion series of the former. His other productions in his career include Tales of the Realm, Masters of the Universe and Tales of Army of Darkness. ‘Outcast’ horror series is written by Kirkman and is currently working on it since 2014.

He has many novels of “The Walking Dead” which have not been converted to graphics like the most recognized work. The non-graphic sections of ‘The Walking Dead’ include Rise of the Governor, Descent, The Road to Woodbury and Invasion.

He is a partner of Image Comics and has written SuperPatriot, The Astounding Wolf-Man, Image Holiday Special, Guardians of the Globe, Super Dinosaur, and Youngblood: Imperial, Image United and Thief of Thieves. You should probably ensure you have a look at these impressive works.

Robert Kirkman has several nominations such as “Online Film & Television Association Award- Best Writing in a Drama Series” and “Writers Guild of America” due to his work of The Walking Dead. Kirkman was nominated two times for the Bram Stoker Awards and the British Fantasy Awards.

Net Worth & Earnings

Robert Kirkman has made millions from his skills in comic book writing. He has created works for Image Comics and Marvel and earned a good sum of money. His net worth is estimated to be $23 million. Kirkman is the owner of Skybound Entertainment Production Company. The company has released famous films such as “The Destroyer” and ‘An American Werewolf in London’.

Kirkman is one of the most recognized professional writers in the world for comic books. His way of expressing ideas in writing has affected both the writing and film industry positively. He will forever be remembered for writing many episodes of ‘The Walking Dead Series’ and other productions. His net worth might be bigger with time due to his continued success in writing.