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Rick Warren Net Worth

Rick Warren Net Worth 2020

Famous American Christian Pastor and Author, Rick Warren is a famous philanthropist and founder of Saddleback Church and other Megachurches in Lake Forest. It is the eighth largest church in the United States. If you are interested in knowing the net worth of Rick Warren in 2020, then you can read this article as you would be able to know more about him.

Early life and Biography

Rick Warren Net Worth 2020

Warren was born on 28th January in 1954 in San Jose, California to Jimmy, a Baptist minister, and Dot Warren, a librarian. He spent his childhood in Ukiah and there he completed his schooling in the year 1972. He is said to have taken various degrees. He finished his Bachelor of Arts degree and then did his post graduation in divinity and doctor of ministry.

Warren has always believed in 5 point plan which he fondly calls it to be P.E.A.C.E, P (planting churches), E(Equipping servant leaders), A(assisting poor), C(care for the sick, E(Education).

Personal Life

Rick Warren married Kay Warren in the year 1975, and they are parents of three beautiful children and have four grandchildren. To do good for the society, in the year 2005, Warren donated all his salary earnings of 25 years to the church and after that didn’t take his salary. He donates a major part of his earnings for the betterment of people.

His youngest son was said to be suffering from depression and mental disorder. This is why he committed suicide, and after his son’s suicide, he launched a ministry in order to help people who are struggling with mental problems. More than ten thousand people wrote to him about mental problems they used to suffer and tried to solve each of their problems.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

When he was only nineteen years old and studying at college, he founded the church, and that’s how he came to know that he wants to be a Pastor. He also used to write books, and in the beginning, he co-wrote two books. He had been invited for speaking at national and international forums. He believes in Humanity at First and has devoted his entire life till now for the good of the society and aims to do so till he lives.

He was named as one of America’s Top 25 leaders in the year 2005. He has also been named among 15 world leaders who mattered most in 2004 and 100 most influential people in the world. Warren and his wife are also directors of few NGOs and Churchs. His biggest achievement is said to have the presidential invitation from Obama to speak at the inauguration function in the year 2009.

Net worth & Earnings

Rick Warren has earned a huge amount of money from his bestselling books, and he has a net worth of $30 million. He has used his money for the development of churches. He along with his wife has decided to survive on 10 percent of his income and donated rest of his earnings to charity.

In the world where people chase for Good Wealth, Warren believes in Good Health. He has ensured that he would be there for good health and education of people and will do whatever he can in terms of financial as well as mental support. This clears his purpose of life.

Rick Warren is an influential person who has managed to earn huge amount of money but has used it for good purposes. He hasn’t been involved in any crimes and illegal practices. Warren is outspoken when it comes to religious views and consider himself to be a non-believer of Evolution.


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