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Michelle Obama Net Worth

Michelle Obama Net Worth 2020

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is a well-established American lawyer and a writer who was fortunate to serve as First Lady of the United States of America for eight years. She has been married to Barack Obama, 44th President of United States of America. She is the first African American First Lady. She grew up in Chicago Illinois She attended the prestigious Harvard University. Keep reading to learn more about the net worth of Michelle Obama in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Michelle Obama Net Worth 2020

Michelle was born in the year 1964 on January 17th in Chicago Illinois to Fraser Robinson who worked as city water plant employee and Marian Robinson who served as a secretary at the Spiegel’s Catalog store. Before Michelle joined the High school, her mother was a full-time homemaker. Michelle spends her childhood in Chicago where her parents had rented a very small apartment on the second floor.

She has said that her elementary school was just down the road and while there, she enjoyed so much reading on her own. Michelle stayed out of trouble and focused all her energy towards education. She joined Whitney Young High School where some of her classmates included Jesse Jackson.

Personal Life

The thought of ever dating Barack Obama had never crossed her mind. However, at a certain point, she fell in love with him. She has said that loving Barack Obama has been one of the best things that have happened to her. The couple has two children, Maria and Sasha.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Michelle joined the Harvard law school to study for a degree in law. Later on, she came back to hometown and found a job at a Law Firm in the neighborhood. It is in this place where she met Barack who worked in the same law firm, but she would never entertain the thought of dating him as they were colleagues. To her, it was against the work ethics, and she felt that it was wrong. Despite not entertaining this thought, she still fell in love with him.

While at the University of Chicago Hospital, her pay was substantially greater than that of Barrack. Michelle needed to work in the public arena as she felt more satisfied. She served as the dean at the University of Chicago and had an exceptional career at the University. Be that as it may, this career would stop when her better half moved toward becoming President of the United States of America.

She gave up her profession to help her husband pursue his dream, and after her better half turned into the president, she rose to the position of the First Lady of the United States. Among the things, she thinks as her accomplishments are bringing up their two girls with morals. Her fashion taste has seen her appear in different magazines including Vogue and the Vanity Fair.

Net Worth & Earnings

Michelle Obama total net worth is assessed to be over $13 million. This riches has been created from different sources. Among the sources that have created this riches includes working in a hospital and as a dean at the University. Likewise, she has different ventures in business which keep on increasing her net worth. She has amazing writing skills, and this has helped to increase her net worth.

Michelle has so many times been ranked among the most powerful women in the world. She has received praises from so many people for her excellent taste of fashion as well as being an eloquent speaker. At one time, she was compelled to pursue the presidency after the retirement of her husband. Notwithstanding, she freely announced that she had no enthusiasm for political issues and she wanted to move away from the spotlight for a while. Together with her better half, they are building the Obama Foundation, a Charitable association that plans to inspire the less lucky.