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Kim Mathers Net Worth

Kim Mathers Net Worth 2020

Kim Mathers is a renowned American author and an illustrator who has been mainly known for being the ex-wife of an American rappers known as Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Eminem). Here are the complete details about the career, biography and the net worth of Kim Mathers in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Kim Mathers Net Worth 2020

Kim Mathers was born on 9th January in the year 1975 in Warren, Michigan. She was born to her parents known as Casimer Sluck together with Kathleen Sluck, and she is a twin to her sister known as Dawn Scott. She was raised together with her sister by her stepfather together with her mother.

This was after her mother had left their biological father who was known as Casimir Sluck since their biological father was an alcoholic and very abusive to both his wife together with the children. She went to the Lincoln High School which is where she met Marshall who is also known as Eminem in which she was 13 years when her future husband was 15 years old.

Personal Life

The personal life of Kim Mathers is one of the essential things in her career which have contributed highly to her popularity. This is so as she got engaged to a very renowned rapper known as Eminem. They first met while in high school while Eminem was not popular which was dramatic as they also met at a friend’s party who was mutual among them. They commenced dating from then after which she together left to live with Eminem together with her sister and Eminem’s mother.

They tied knots in 1999, and they later separated in the year 2001 due to marital problems. After the divorce, Kim got a daughter known as Whitney with another boyfriend known as Eric Hartter. They then remarried with Eminem in the year 2006 but divorced in the year 2006.

Career, Awards & Nominations

There is no exact information about the career, and any awards and nominations of Kim Mathers have she came to the limelight through being the ex-wife of the renowned rapper known as Eminem. However, some sources say that Scott is an illustrator of children books together with being an author of these books. She has gained much popularity for being the ex-wife of Eminem though it was an on and off the relationship.

After being the second time by Eminem, her life became very challenging such that she even attempted suicide several times. In addition to this, she was later charged with possessing cocaine in the year 2003. However, she has been a good mother to her children despite being faced with many challenges and prospering in their careers.

Net Worth & Earnings

Kim Mathers has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. This is from the fortunes she made especially being the wife of a renowned rappers known as Eminem who contributed highly to her net worth. In addition to this, she has also worked on other several areas such as greeting cards as well as children books.

Kim Mathers has faced several challenges following the second divorce from her ex-husband known as Eminem in which she has tried to commit suicide several times.