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David Benioff Net Worth

David Benioff Net Worth 2020

David Benioff is one of the well known American writer and a producer. His book which was titled ‘The 25th Hour’ was published when he is still a simple high school teacher for the subject English. This novel earned him so much fame and popularity that the book was turned into a movie. The movie too earned a profitable business in the entertainment world. Let us find out the net worth of David Benioff in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

David Benioff Net Worth 2020

In the city of New York, David Benioff was born to a Jewish family. He had spent his childhood in the city of Manhattan. He passed out his high school in the year 1992. After which, he did some petty jobs before joining Trinity College in the year 1995. After getting a degree from his college, he started his career in novel writing. Most of his books were turned into well-known movie scripts. He had also worked as a DJ in Moose for around a year, which was his side job. This job gave him a new outlook to write his further novels and scripts.

Personal Life:

Benioff’s spouse’s name is Amanda Perry who is a well-known actress in the entertainment industry. They both got married in the city of New York on 30th September 2006. Both of them have three children named Frances Friedman, Molly Friedman, and Henry Friedman. The entire family is known to be living in Manhattan.

Career, Awards, & Nominations:

After spending two years in writing his first novel which was initially named Fireman Down and then it was entitled as The 25th Hour. He had used this novel as his thesis for his master’s degree in the university. Eventually, the novel was given the shape of a well-known movie. After the great success of the movie, Benioff wrote to write a collection of short stories which was entitled When the Nines Roll Over (And Other Stories) and it was published in the year 2004.

His first earning, worth of $2.5 million, was received from the production house Warner Brothers as he wrote the screenplay for the epic series Troy. He also wrote the script for movies such as Stay and The Kite Runner. In the year 2004, his screenplay writing for the movie X-Men series took over the Hollywood at large. In the year 2014, Benioff collaborated with D.B. Weiss to feature their first movie titled Dirty White Boys. After writing for Game of Thrones, both of them also worked on the television series named Confederate. Benicia and Weiss directed two episodes of Games of Thrones too.

Net Worth & Earnings:

David Benioff’s net earnings have been increasing year to year. At the moment his total net worth is around $22 million. The main reason for him being so rich as he has a magical effect on the screen with his screenplay and direction skills.

David Benioff is an experimental man who has experimented with a number of jobs in his career. He started as a radio jockey, then being a novelist, then a scriptwriter, and finally being a refined director who wrote successful screenplay too.