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Dan Brown Net Worth

Dan Brown Net Worth 2020

“Nothing captures human interest more than a human tragedy.” That is just one of many lines in a great book written by Dan Brown. It goes by the title Angels & Demons. It is a best-selling one, but The Da Vinci Code is not only that but also his most famous. If you want an on the edge of your seat experience, all you need is to grab one of his thriller novels. Wouldn’t you like to join the people who have bought more than 200 million copies? He brings science into reality, and many people who love that have found a comfort zone. What inspires his line of thought? How much wealth has this pursuit earned him? For those answers and the exact figure of the net worth of Dan Brown in 2020, read on.

Early Life & Biography

Dan Brown Net Worth 2020

The origin of Dan Gerhard Brown is a town in New Hampshire, Exeter. He grew up and schooled there. Born in 1964 on 22nd June, he is the eldest child of Richard G. Brown together with Constance. He was born along with Gregory as well as Valerie. The fact that his father was not only a mathematics teacher but also wrote textbooks speaks volumes. It is apparent that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Upon graduating from Philips Exeter, he decided to further his studies. Therefore, he joined the Amherst College and graduated from the same in 1986. The previous year, he had had a chance to visit Seville, Spain. During his stay there, he attended the University of Seville and pursued a history course.

Personal Life

Last year, Dan Brown and Blythe Brown celebrated their 20th anniversary. That is a great achievement and also an inspiration to those who are in marriages or want to start a family. For them, it is not just about staying together but also assisting when necessary. That explains why Blythe helps Dan with research regarding the books. Over the years, they have welcomed a son who they named David Chinchilla.

Career, Awards & Nominations

If you think that Dan Brown debut career was as an author, then you are in for a rude shock. He began as a musician upon graduating from college. The pursuit was intense that he founded a recording company, Dalliance. Things were not always easy. At some point, he earned a livelihood by teaching at Beverly Hills Preparatory School.

In 1993, he took a trip to Tahiti. Little did he know that the vocation would change his life forever. Reading “The Doomsday Conspiracy” by Sidney Sheldon triggered was the inspiration that he needed. That is when he embarked on writing thriller novels. His major ones are Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol, Inferno as well as Origin. All those are a series of character Robert Langdon stories. Before beginning the series, he had authored two stand-alone novels namely Digital Fortress and Deception Point.

His books have earned him awards and nominations. Awards include 2013 Goodreads Choice Award, Book Sense Book of the Year Award, Iowa High School Book Award and Buckeye Children’s Book Award. He was also a nominee of 2 Colorado Blue Spruce Award.

Net Worth & Earnings

He is the highest paid author only means that his wealth is remarkable. That is true indeed because he has a net worth of over $200 million. Those who know that his annual salary is $20 million saw that coming. For the rest, the figure leaves them speechless. The Da Vinci Code, as well as Angels & Demons, were incredible enough to earn a conversion into movies. Tom Hanks did that which also got Brown money. The fact that The Da Vinci Code clinched the first position of the list of the New York Times Bestsellers also speaks volumes.

Thanks to the paradoxical philosophies surrounding his early life, he now has a high earning career. For him, there has always been a tug of war between science and religion. As of now, religion overrules. That explains his captivating fiction thriller novels.


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