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Venus Williams Net Worth

Venus Williams Net Worth 2020

Whenever Women’s tennis is the topic, the name Venus Williams comes into one’s mind. Venus Williams born as Venus Ebony Starr Williams is a famous professional tennis player in America. She is currently number nine in the Women’s Single Tennis Ranking. Venus is the elder sister of the famous tennis player, Serena Williams. Together with Serena, the two form the unbeaten pair. Check out her personal life, early life, awards, and nominations. The article will also reveal the net worth of Venus Williams in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Venus Williams Net Worth 2020

Venus Williams was born in 1980, 17th June. This 38-year-old professional tennis player place of birth is Lynwood, California in the United States of America. Her mother and father are Oracene Price and Richard Williams, respectively. At the age of seven years, a local tennis player discovered her great talent. Her whole family left Compton, California for West Palm Beach when Venus was ten years old. This decision was to favor Venus and Serena schooling in the Rick Macci tennis academy.

Her father later dismissed their tennis training so they could focus on schoolwork. The Williams sisters became number one in the USA Junior competition. However, their dad pulled them out of school and started home coaching them.

Personal Life

In 2003, Venus lost her older sister Price in a shooting. She attended as Serena and Venus advisor, friend and personal assistant. In 2007, Venus attained a degree in Fashion and Design. Williams has been in a romantic relationship with Hank Kuehne, a famous golfer. Currently, Venus is in a romantic relationship with Nicholas Hammond, a millionaire heir. Venus was diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome in 2011. Since then she became a vegan. In 2015 she attained a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Last year, she was involved in a tragic car accident.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Venus Williams started playing tennis as a junior. She performed alongside her younger sister, Serena Williams. They became number one in the US junior tennis competition. In 1994 Venus became a professional tennis player. She played multiple games in her early years recording great tennis records. In 1997 she participated in fifteen tour tennis tournaments. Venus completed her year at number 22 in the tennis games. Venus later played her first WTA tennis single games in 1998. In the same year, she won the Lipton International Players Championship.

In the following years, Venus participated in multiple tennis competitions. In 2000 Venus took a break to recover from a wrist injury. After her return, she often teamed up with her sister Serena to participate in the Women’s doubles. Throughout her career, she has suffered from several tragic accidents. In 2017 she took part in the Wimbledon games where she was at position five. Venus Williams is the Chief executive of V Starr Designs. In 2010 she released a book, Come to Win which became a top best-selling book.

Net Worth & Earnings

Venus Williams has a net worth of $95 million. This net worth has been amassed from her multiple tennis tournaments. She also owns the V Starr Interiors where she is the Chief executive. Venus is also a partner in the Miami Dolphins. She has also written a best-selling book in America. With these numerous sources of wealth, this net worth is a possible amount under her name.

Life is short and venturing into our best fields is the only way to enjoy life to the maximum. Venus Williams has ventured in tennis playing and design. With determination, passion and the will, Venus has recorded great successes in the two areas. Her story encourages people to do what they love doing at all times to enjoy life.