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Jimmy Connors Net Worth

Jimmy Connors Net Worth 2020

James Scott Connors is a retired tennis player with American nationality. His skills in the tennis game were very excellent, and this is what made him among the greatest players in Tennis game history. He became a pro in 1972, and after twenty-four years in the industry, he called it a quit in 1996. Keep reading to learn more on the net worth of Jimmy Connors in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Jimmy Connors Net Worth 2020

Jimmy Scott Connors was born in 1952 on September 2nd In East St Louis, Illinois. He grew up in Illinois and was raised in a Catholic family. When he was very young, he was coached by his mother and his grandmother. Both of them noticed the potential that was in him, and he has always given credit for his success in tennis to his mother and grandmother.

The first time he competed was in 1961 when he was just nine years old. His mother went an extra mile and took him to a coach, Pancho Sugera when he was sixteen years old. Together with his brother, they attended St Philips grade School.

Personal Life

In 1974-1975, he was engaged to fellow tennis pro, Chris Evert after each of them won their matches in the Wimbledon Championships. Their engagement would later be broken off before the Wimbledon championship. They reconciled later in 1976, but two years later, they broke up for good. He is married to Patti McGuire, and the couple has two children, Brett and Aubrey.

Career, Awards & Nominations

His professional career started in 1973 after he won US Pro Singles. From then, he has participated in four major tournaments including Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon Open which are known to be the world Grand Slam tournaments. In the above tournaments, he has won a total of eight grand slam single tournaments. To him and he believes in the world, this is among the biggest achievements that he has under his belt.

Irrespective of the fact he never participated in French open, he has won one Australian Open, five US Open, and two Wimbledon. When the Association of the Tennis Professional was formed, he was part of it and played a very crucial role in the success of the organization. He was ranked position one in 1974 to 1977 with a total of 109 singles titles.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Jimmy Connors is over $15 million. This fortune has been generated from his career as a tennis player. Since he started playing this game, he has won over 100 matches with a good record. He set the record as being the first player in the tournament to get paid two million dollars in a single tournament.

Jimmy, who was a left-handed player left a legacy in the tennis world. His skills and discipline in the field saw him become a darling for very many people especially his huge fan base worldwide. Currently, he gives various motivational talks regarding the game he still loves to watch.