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Farmtruck Net Worth

Farmtruck Net Worth 2020

Farmtruck is a popular and a well-known American racing car driver as well as a reality television personality. He has gained much of his popularity following his uniqueness in the taste of cars through which he drives the 1970s Chevy long bed truck which is painted with Rusty red together with scratches and dents as well. This makes him be out of the crown which currently uses the super sports cars. He is known to be together with his sidekick known as Jeff Bennett who is mainly known as AZN. Keep reading this article to know more about the net worth of Farmtruck in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Farmtruck Net Worth 2020

Less information is known about Farmtruck as not much of his early life is given. Farmtruck’s actual name is Sean Whitley though he has been mainly known as Farmtruck. He got much of the interest in trucks while he was at the age of 12 years in which his father bought a 1956 Ford which he loved.

He then learnt driving from his mother’s Dodge dart together with learning how to drive truck with his father’s truck. While learning, he would drive the truck very fast such that his mother would pull him away from the accelerator. He commenced learning how to drive in the streets of Oklahoma City.

Personal Life

Farmtruck personal life is not known as he has kept it secretive and has not released it to the public. However, he is not gay and his relationship with his co-worker AZN is purely professional.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Farmtruck got much interest in trucks at a very young age little did he know that this would later become his professional career. He first bought a truck and not a car which was a three-quarter ton of F-250 Camper Special. During this time, he engaged in the collection of garbage together with cleaning. This provided him with much assistance in his work-study program hence had no many challenges which he faced.

Currently, he has a Discovery channel car show which is one of the best in the world. This show is known as the Street Outlaws and is featured in the Discovery Channel. He races together with his friend well known as AZN in a number of races in which FarmTruck drives while AZN does the talking. They had previously met in racing together after which they then became friends. They recently completed their ninth season of this show, and the show is continuing to shine in this channel.

Net Worth & Earnings

Farmtruck has an estimated net worth of $3 million. This is from the fortunate earnings he has made in his career together with Jeff Bennett. He has been featured in a reality television series which he runs together with his friend which has gained much popularity and become one of the best.

In conclusion, Farmtruck gained much of his success by meeting his partner with whom they purchased their car from an Auto Trader in the year 1998 known as 1970 Chevry Long Bed. They have been known for their uniqueness and their love for this type of car.