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Jon Olsson Net Worth

Jon Olsson Net Worth 2020

In everything you do in life, nothing works better and brings pure success like working on your passion and talent. This is because, other than concentrating so much on what you will receive in return, you concentrate more on doing better every time. This is exactly what has brought Jon Olsson’s success in the sports world. Let’s read more to know about the biography and net worth of Jon Olsson in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Jon Olsson Net Worth 2020

Jon Olsson was born on the 17th day of August 1982 in a hometown known as Mora in Sweden. His parents are; Anders Olsson and Monica Olsson. Jon was raised along with his brother Hans Olsson who is also a great airplane skier. Jon’s passion for skiing started when he was a little boy and this passion saw him participate in different competitions and he would always emerge a winner.

Personal Life

Although Jon Olsson is among the most successful celebrities at his age, he has tried to keep his personal life from the limelight. However, he is very proud of his love Janni Dealer. He has made her a partner and travels with her during much of his competitions around the world. At the same time, Jon Olsson is known to love classy and stylish products including Phones, Camera, cars, and so forth.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Jon believes in living a lifestyle of winning every competition he gets involved in. This however, doesn’t mean he hasn’t lost and doesn’t know how to handle loss but it simply means he always gives his best in every competition he engages in.

Jon started his sporting career as a Ski racer. He however, switched and adopted twin tips therefore, quitting ski racing. He participated in twin tips for a period of time before getting back eight years later after he placed a 5826.22 USD bet with his fellow skier Jens Byggmark. He started off the skiing with a single goal of making it to the 2014 Olympics as it was the main aim of their bet.

Other than his expertise in Ski racing, he also competes in freestyle racing and he is well known for coming up with great new double flips which include; D-spin 720 as well as flatspin 540 (DJ flip). He has also invented a double flatspin 900 (famously known as kangaroo flip) a switch cork 720-flatspin 540 (famously known as the tornado) among many others.

Jon Olsson has participated in many competitions Winter-X Games being an inseparable part of him. He has won many models from the Winter-X Games. Racing has a great significance in his skiing career and it has become part of his lifestyle. Other than the Winter-X Games, he has also participated in Gumball 3000.

Just to mention a few of his achievements, he has won different medals in the; Vail Scandinavian Big Mountain Championship, World Superpipe Championships, and US Frisking Open among many others. He also participated in the New Zealand Championship in Coronet Part and he managed to win 5 FIS and finished the event with dream ten points.

Net Worth & Earnings

Jon Olsson has an estimated net worth of $9.5 million. He earns approximately $300 thousand annually from online videos. However, much of his earnings are from the rewards he gets in the various championship games he gets involved in. Olsson owns some palatial in Spain, Monaco and Marbella. He recently sold his house ‘Casa Camo’ and bought another one ‘Casa Castle’.

Jon Olsson’s videos on YouTube are attracting many viewers by day which is working to his advantage as many prestigious companies like Red Bill, Head, LeoVegas.com, Odlos, Hestra, and many more are running their ads on them. He loves luxurious cars and he has been reported to own some of the most prestigious and expensive cars including LP6 10-4 Lamborghini Huracan among others.


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