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Joe Namath Net Worth

Joe Namath Net Worth 2020

Joe Namath was a former American footballer as well as an actor. In his career, he used to play in the University of Alabama football team. After this, he then went to the professional career in playing in the National Football League (NFL) together with American Football League (AFL). In addition to this, he has also played in the New York Jets together with Angeles Rams.

He has also been featured in several television shows and films in which he even got much popularity from hosting The Joe Namath Show for a short period of time. Keep reading this article to know more about the net worth of Joe Namath in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Joe Namath Net Worth 2020

Joe Namath was born on 31st May in the year 1943 in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania to his parents by the name Janos Andrew Namath and Rose Namath. He was raised in the same place where he was born which was located 30 miles from Pittsburgh in the north-west. His parents then separated while he was still at his young age. He had three siblings in which he was the oldest though he also had an older sister who was an adopted child.

Joe Namath then went to Beaver Falls High School where he used to play baseball and then graduated from the school in the year 1961. After this, he was offered with offers which were very favorable in the Major League Baseball teams which included teams such as Pirates, Indians, Yankees, Phillies and Red. In this he then settled for football after which he was offered a scholarship by the University of Alabama where he went to study and later graduated in the year 1964.

Personal Life

Joe Namath tied knots with Deborah Mays in the year 1984 when he was at the age of 41 years while Deborah was just 22 years old. They got two children by the name Olivia and Jessica. They however separated in the year 2000 with the daughters remaining to live with him.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Joe Namath commenced his career in the year 1962 on the college football. In this time, he was the quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide. He was then featured playing for the University of Alabama in the year 1964 through which he was being coached by Bryant together with a coordinator known as Howard Schnellenberger who was very offensive. He then joined the New York Sets in the year 1965 which he played with till the year 1976. He was then offered a deal by Chicago Winds which is a World Football League team though he declined the offer.

Joe Namath was then later released by the jets after which he then joined the Los Angeles Rams where he got signed for a contract on 12th May in the year 1977. However he ended up being benched in the whole of the season after incurring a great loss. While the team was playing for Chicago Bears, he then decided to retire from football. He then moved to the acting career in which he hosted television shows with his first appearance being in the year 1969 on The Joe Namath Show.

He was then later featured in The Waverly Wonders in the year 1978 as well as being featured in other several guest appearances in other different shows such as Here’s Lucy, The Love Boat, The Dean Martin Show, The flip Wilson Show amongst many other shows. Joe Namath is an award winning celebrity in which he has won several awards during his whole career.

Net Worth & Earnings

Joe Namath has an estimated net worth of $20 Million. This comes from the fortunate earnings he has made all through his career line since he began playing for the college football after which he then commenced his professional career in the year 1965. Much of his earnings come from the contracts he has had with different teams. He then later joined the acting industry which he later had much success.

Joe Namath in his professional career, he had many playing skills which made him to rise in popularity though his career got terminated following several injuries he incurred. He however, after retiring shown great acting skills through which he has been featured in different television films as well as shows.