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Hank Baskett Net Worth

Hank Baskett Net Worth 2020

Hank Baskett is an American footballer who is a wide receiver and played in NFL for the team Minnesota Vikings, Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Eagles. He started playing football at a young age, and then he got playing professionally from his college time. In the year 2006, he signed with team Minnesota Vikings and made many records. He is married to Kendra Wilkinson, and if you want to check net worth of Hank Baskett in 2020, then you can read this article ahead.

Early Life & Biography

Hank Baskett Net Worth 2020

He was born on 4th September in the year 1982 in Clovis in New Mexico. His parents are Judy Baskett and Henry Randall Baskett. His father used to work for Air Force, and then he became director of a social program. His mother was a financial officer n Air Force Base. He used to go to Clovis High School and then he enrolled in the University of New Mexico.

Personal Life

He proposed Kendra Wilkinson who was a model and his long-term girlfriend. Both of them got married in Playboy Mansion on 27th June in the year 2009. Both of them had a son, Herry Randall Baskett IV. She has birth to a baby girl in the year 2014, and they named her Alijah Mary. She filed divorce on 3rd April in the year 2018.

Career, Awards & Nominations

During his college time, he was a leading receiver of his football team in the year 2004-05. He was an offensive player in those times and also won the award for his gaming style. He signed a contract with Minnesota Vikings team in the year 2006. Later on, he started playing for Philadelphia Eagles. He started playing with Indianapolis Colts in the year 2009 and next year, he was released by the team.

After this, he signed one year of a contract with Philadelphia Eagles of $800 thousand. Baskett has been playing a role in the Tv show, The girls next door which focused on his wife. He has also worked in some other television shows with which he gained recognition in the TV world.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Hank Baskett is $4 million which he has earned by playing football professionally. The salary received by him is around $800 thousand. He is a great receiver and punter in the game of football. He signed with Minnesota Vikings team and then he played with various other teams also. He has also starred on a TV show in the year 2009 because of which he gained more wealth and fame.

Hank Baskett is a football player who has been known for his offensive style, and he has played with three different teams. He has also appeared in TV shows with which he gained fame in the Television world. He has been able to gain huge wealth from playing football, and he is known as one of the best players of his country, and he has also won nominations and awards for his gaming style.


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