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Cris Collinsworth Net Worth

Cris Collinsworth Net Worth 2020

Anthony Cris Collinsworth a.k.a. Cris Collinsworth. He is a former proficient Football player in America. For eight seasons of NFL, He played a role of a wide receiver during the 1980s. He works as TV sportscaster on NBC, Showtime and NFL network. Now let’s have a close look at the Net worth of Cris Collinsworth in the year 2019.

Early life and Biography

Cris Collinsworth Net Worth 2020

Cris was born on January 27, 1959, in Dayton, Ohio. He is the son of the great Abraham Lincoln, and his mother was Donetta Browning Collinsworth. Cris, known as “Lincoln” in high school. He was one of the top rank scorers in the basketball team of his school, Kentucky high school. He played basketball for the team “Kentucky Wildcats”. This team later won a national championship in the year 1958.

Cris has a younger brother, who used to bet on Cris’s basketball game in high school and made a lot of money from those betting. Along with the game, Cris was excellent in studies also with a 3.9+ GPA in accounting from Florida University.

Personal Life

In the year 1991, Cris earned Juris Doctor Degree from the University Of Cincinnati College Of Law. Now he lives with his wife Holly Collinsworth in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. His wife, Holly is an attorney. They had four children. Austin Collinsworth, one the children of Cris is a onetime football player and team captain. Cris father’s death happened at 76 in the year 2012 which was a shock for Cris. He was very close to his father and feel his absence in his life sometimes.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Cris has played for Cincinnati Bengals, almost for a term of eight years. Because of his 6”5’ height, a mismatch was created by him many times in much smaller cornerbacks. Cris was a serious problem to the opposing team because of height.

In the year 1985, Cris signed an agreement to play with the team Tampa Bay Bandit of US league of football. This contract later canceled due to his bad ankle. Later in 1988, he again played for Bengals until the end of the season.

After retirement as NFL player, Cris started his broadcasting work in a radio program. He hosted Cincinnati radio station for some time. In starting he was a guest host, but later he became permanent on that show.

Net worth and Earnings

Cris’s estimated total net worth is $17 million. Being an NFL announcer, he has an annual salary of $1 million. His work as an NFL commentator or announcer contributed so much in making this fortune for him. Being a retired football player, he has a huge fan following on social media sites.

Cris spent eight seasons for one team; this shows his dedication and faith in the game and team. His hard work helped him in making this path for him. He had set examples for the young generation and motivated them to work in the right direction.


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