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Clint Dempsey Net Worth

Clint Dempsey Net Worth 2020

In life we tend to turn to what our soul finds a place in. Although there are different reasons why people choose the path of their career but the highest percentage is led by the passion and talents in us. One of the people who followed their passion to be who they are today is Clint Dempsey. Let us continue reading this article to learn more about Clint Dempsey’s net worth in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Clint Dempsey Net Worth 2020

Clint Dempsey was born Clinton Drew Dempsey on 9th March 1983 in Nacogdoches, Texas. Clint is of Irish ancestry as his father was an Irish. Dempsey was brought up in a trailer park and he spent much of his childhood playing football with his friends and siblings. In his teens, Clint maintained his ties with Hispanic immigrants. Clint was introduced to the world of professional football by his brother Ryan who got an opportunity of joining Dallas Texans which was an elite youth soccer club for a tryout.

Clint became famous in the team but after some time, he was forced to quit as they suffered from financial constraints. He also sacrificed his career to allow his sister Jennifer to become a ranked youth tennis player. He was however very lucky, as parents of his teammates and other Texans offered to assist them with all the expenses which allowed him to rejoin the club.

Personal Life

Dempsey is a successful married man to Bethany Keegan Dempsey and the two have been blessed with four children. He is a committed Roman Catholic as he was brought up in a Catholic family and they attended Sunday services with his grandmother.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Clint Dempsey became the high scorer and the captain of the Texans and he won an MVP honor of the re-known Tampa Bay Sun Bowl tournament. He later took time to study Argentina’s national team play especially Diego Maradona. He later joined Furman University where he studied health and exercise science and became a top player for Paladins soccer.

Since 2004-2006, Dempsey has joined a number of soccer clubs some of which include; New England Revolution, MLS Cup Final, Fulham, Tottenham Hotspur and Seattle Sounders. Clint has won many awards and nominations during his career some of which include; 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup where he was named among the 40-Mn preliminary roster, CONCACAF Gold Cup (winner – 2005), CONCACAF Gold Cup (winner-2017) and a runner-up of CONCAF Gold Cup (2011).

Net Worth & Earnings

Clint Dempsey has an estimated net worth of $18 million. He has no other source of income other than his earnings from the salary he receives in the many soccer games he has played during his lifetime. Clint’s net worth is expected to continue rising as he is still strong and running in his career.

Dempsey’s greater passion in soccer was fired up on 27th November 1995 when he lost his sister Jennifer from a brain aneurysm at the age of 16 years. This was a great loss for him but he decided to give soccer his best as an honor to his sister.


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