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Eddie Bravo Net Worth

Eddie Bravo Net Worth 2020

If you want to learn how to defend yourself, then Eddie Bravo is the person you are looking for. He is an American martial arts trainer who is well known for developing his own style of Brazilian jiu-jitsu commonly known as 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu. Due to his talent he is recognized all over the world as one of the best martial arts instructors Today, let us learn more about the career, biography and net worth of Eddie Bravo in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Eddie Bravo Net Worth 2020

He was born under the name Edgar Cano, but later the name ‘Cano’ was legally altered changed to Bravo as his stepfather’s name. He was born in the year 1970 in the town of Santa Ana, California. His biological parents came from Mexico.

While growing up, he had an interest in sports. specifically American football and as well as wrestling. At the age of ten years, he played the guitar and even joined various bands with a dream of becoming a celebrity one day.

In 1991, he migrated to Hollywood to follow his career to become a musician. He went on and formed the Blackened Kill Symphony Band. He later developed an interest in martial arts and started taking karate lessons.

Eddie Bravo was jack-of-all-trades as in 1992; he worked as at a check cashing store and a DJ as well. As he watched Royce Gracie in the 1990s Eddie was motivated to pursue his career as a martial arts instructor.

Personal Life

Eddie Bravo is a married man and has a son. He is a strong advocate of cannabis as he says it helps with creativity. He was initially a Catholic but has converted to become an atheist. He is a friend of Joe Rogan, who is a standup comedian.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Eddie Bravo commenced his career in 1998 when he decided to cast aside all the other forms of martial arts for him to focus on jiu-jitsu. After he got a blue belt, he worked hard to boost other methods to defeat rivals through his tactic called Twister.

In 2003, he participated in the Abu-Dhabi Combat Club and he won against Gustavo Dantas through his unique style of naked choke. He later went head on with other prominent champions such as Royler Gracie and won through the triangle choke.

Despite of him losing to Leo Vieira, who was a tournament champion then, his victory against Gracie had become the highlights and his walk to fame as well.

Eddie Bravo returned to the U.S and was honored with a black belt by Jean Jacques Machado. This encouraged him to open a martial art school in Los Angeles teaching a no-gi jiu-jitsu system.

Eddie Bravo has achieved a lot in his career. He has defeated other recognized martial arts athletes like Shawn Krysa, Mark Ashton in the 2002 ADCC American Championship. He has also authored several publications such as Mastering the Twister, Advanced Rubber Guard, Jiu Jitsu Unleashed, and others.

Net Worth & Earnings

Eddie Bravo has an estimated net worth of about $2 million. He has accumulated his wealth from his talent as a jiu-Jitsu opponent. He pays his bills through his career as a professional martial arts trainer and he cannot regret having abandoned on the other practices.

His unique style of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is widely practiced and he has become a famous expert in the field. Throughout his career, he has lost twice and drawn once. He lives a luxurious life in Los Angeles, where his school is situated. He has received global success in most competition that he has participated.


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