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C.T. Fletcher Net Worth

Ct Fletcher Net Worth 2020

The famous bodybuilder, powerlifter, personal trainer and the famous vlogger, C.T. Fletcher is a person who is a three-time World Strict Curl Champion and World Bench Press Champion. He is also six times World Champion Bodybuilder because of which he became famous and after that, he started making videos on health and fitness.

He is an inspiration to the people who are interested in making a strong physical personality. If you want to know about the net worth of C.T. Fletcher in 2020, then you can read the article.

Early Life & Biography:

C.T. Fletcher Net Worth 2020

C.T. Fletcher was born on 8th June in the year 1959 in Pine Bluff, Arkasanas, United States. He is the son of Walter and Ogie Rea Fletcher and also has an elder brother, Walt. After one year of his birth, his family was shifted to Watts, California. His father was an abusive person and his father invested money in his own church when they moved to Lakewood, California.

At the early age of 12, Fletcher got a job at the gas station and when he reached the age of 18, and then he joined the U.S. Army. When he lives in Germany, then at that time he became interested in martial arts. In the year 1979, he chose to start Karate classes and earned a second-degree black belt. In the year 1980, he decided to start weightlifting and bodybuilding both.

Personal Life:

He married his high school girlfriend and they had seven children but they got divorced in the early 1990s. Then he married a woman who worked in the post office in the year 1995 and she gave birth to a child who was named Samson. The work schedule of Fletcher was quite stressful because of which he started eating a lot of fast food and this made him make rounds of hospitals. He got the problem of hypertension due to his heavy junk food addiction. At the age of 42, he became disabled and in the year 2004, his mother died because of the heart failure. Then, the next year he had an open heart surgery after which he became healthy and started Vlogging as a career.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Although, C.T. Fletcher didn’t win any awards he has gathered huge fan following on YouTube because of his health tips to the viewers. In the year 2016, he opened his first gym named Iron Addicts Gym which is located in Signal Hill, California. He started working from the early age of 12 when the children don’t have enough time to play. He started working at the gas station after which he joined U.S. Army in the year 2018. Then he suffered from hypertension which resulted in heart surgery after which he started Vlogging on YouTube.

He has managed to win World Body builder Championship sixth time and also has won World Strict Curl Championship.

Net Worth & Earnings:

C.T. Fletcher’s Net Worth is $1 million and he is totally happy with his life because he has been able to earn money with his bodybuilding work. He makes earnings by making videos on YouTube from where he gets a lot of money to earn. He has got a gym from where he gets to earn huge income. Nowadays, his earning comes from YouTube videos and from his gym.

C.T. Fletcher is the person who is the motivation for all as he has managed to get out of such a big health problem. He again started his healthy life after getting rid of such a serious disease and now he is making the youth learn about the various benefits of doing bodybuilding and helping the people to improve in the process with his fitness videos.


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