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Buster Douglas Net Worth

Buster Douglas Net Worth 2020

James Douglas a.k.a. Buster Douglas is an American based former Pro Boxer. He has completed most of his fights during 1981 to 1990 and then 1996 to 1999. He is mostly recalled by his stunning upset of Mike Tyson in the year 1990 in Japan to win a particular undisputed heavyweight title. He remained heavyweight champion for an extended period. Now let’s have a close look at his net worth in the year 2019.

Early life and Biography

Buster Douglas Net Worth 2020

Buster Douglas was born in Columbus, Ohio, the U.S. on April 7, 1960. He was raised by his father William “Dynamite” Douglas, in Columbus, Ohio. His father was a professional and favourite boxer of his time. Buster has completed his schooling in the Linden McKinley High school.

After finishing his school, he started playing basketball for Coffeyville Community College Red Ravens in Kansas. He used to play Basketball and Football in his school team and won an AAA state basketball championship in the year 1977. During his early 20s, he was known as the Desert Fox in the boxing club of Columbus.

Personal life

There were no close relationships with Buster in his life because he always focused on improving his game to win more championships. He was so close to his father, who has motivated him for boxing and trained him for the real game. Buster never talked in an interview about his personal life.

His mother Lula Pearl Douglas always taught him about the life and motivated him. In an interview, Buster reveals that his mother was the only motivation for Mike Tyson upset as former world champions. Other than boxing, Buster likes to spend time with his father and have right talks with him.

Career, Awards and Nominations

Buster made his debut in the professional boxing in the year 1981 and defeated Dan O’Malley in a bout of four rounds. He continued winning matches before coming in a fight with David Bey, who was more massive than him. David handed Buster his first defeat in that bout. After that, he stayed away from boxing for some time and came again to the boxing world. He won almost all fights after coming back from the break. During his boxing career He had fought around 46 times and won 38 of them, 2 of them draws, and one had not Contested.

Net Worth and Earnings

Being a successful and tough boxer, Buster Douglas has an estimated net worth of $18 million. His professional career in boxing has contributed so much in this net worth. Other than boxing, brand endorsements and special appearances in some films get him another income source, which helped him generate this much of fortune.

Buster Douglas is a famous American professional Boxer who has won more than 80% of fights in his boxing career. He has a fantastic fan following in real life and social media platforms. After taking retirement from the boxing, he keeps posting pictures on social media for his fans.


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