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Shawn Kemp Net Worth

Shawn Kemp Net Worth 2020

After playing for 14 seasons, it is no surprise that Shawn Kemp is a household name. He is a renowned American former professional player of basketball. For all the 14 seasons, he played for the National Basketball Association. Which teams did he play for over the years? How much money did earn and accumulate during his playing period? The answers lie within this article. The icing on the cake is the net worth of Shawn Kemp in 2020. You cannot afford to miss it.

Early Life & Biography

Shawn Kemp Net Worth 2020

Shawn Kemp was born in 1969 on 26th November. His place of birth was Elkhart in Indiana. He was born to Barbara Kemp.

He went to Concord High School, Elkhart in Indiana. Then, Shawn proceeded to join the University of Kentucky. After being accused of theft, he left the team. Subsequently, he joined the Trinity Valley Community College, Texas.

Personal Life

He has at least seven children. He had sired them with six different ladies. His oldest son goes by the name Shawn Kemp Jr. He once played for the University of Washington.

Kemp made an appearance in Pros vs. Joes during its premiere in 2009. Shawn was on the cover of NBA Jam Extreme. The photo is of him dunking over the famous Hakeem Olajuwon.

There is no information regarding the love life of this basketball player.

As far as legal issues are concerned, Kemp has been arrested twice. In both occasions, it was as a result of Marijuana and other drugs’ possession.

Career, Awards & Nominations

In 1989, Seattle Supersonics drafted him in their NBA draft. As the youngest player ever, he had to prove himself. He played for the team until 1997. That same year, he joined the Cleveland Cavaliers. He did not leave until 2000 when he joined Portland Trail Blazers. His stay there was two years. For the next year, he played for Orlando Magic.

During the 2005-2006 season, Kemp tried a comeback to the NBA. He had secured a chance but did not show up during that D-day. His pleads for a second chance fell on deaf eyes. Ever since then, he never had another chance.

In 2008 on 18th August, he signed a contract with the Italian League’s Premiata Montegranaro. After a short while, it came to an end.

During his active years, he has received several recognitions. He was an NBA All-Star for six times. Additionally, he was an All-NBA Second Team thrice. In 1988, he became McDonald’s All-American.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Shawn Kemp is more than $6 million. Kemp’s primary source of income was his career as a professional basketball player. He has played for more than five teams. He would make money through the contracts that he signed with the various teams. In 2002, he earned over $13 million. The following year, he made more than $14 million. That and later Earnings have contributed to his current net worth.

Shawn Kemp is a talented basketball player. At first, he played high school followed by college basketball. After that, he commenced his professional career. The net worth, as well as the awards, show how good he is at what he does. He played from 1989 to 2003. All that time, his position was as a power forward. He has inspired many young people too.


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