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Penny Hardaway Net Worth

Penny Hardaway Net Worth 2020

Hardaway is one of the best basketball coaches in America. In his career, he has achieved a lot in terms of awards won. He has also been nominated to lead several teams. In his early life, he was one of the best basketball players. In his career as a player, he managed to play in the National Basketball Association. New York Knicks and Miami Heat are some of the teams that he played for. To learn more about the net worth of Penny Hardaway in 2020, read through the article.

Early Life & Biography:

Penny Hardaway Net Worth 2020

He was born on July 1971, in Memphis which is in Tennessee, United States of America. He was left under the care of his grandmother Louise after his mother moved to California. His grandmother used to call him “Pretty”, but due to her country’s accent, it sounded like “Penny” and people started calling him that making it his nickname. At the age of 14, his mother came back to Memphis, and he started living with her again.

He was not concentrating on his school work, which resulted in him failing his American College Test. Due to this reason; he sat for his freshman year under National Collegiate Athletic Association rules. He was a victim of armed robbery at some point. He was shot in his right foot, but it got healed with time. Later, he went back to Memphis State, and he was on the list of the dean by the year-end.

Personal Life:

Penny Hardaway is married to Mary Mcdonnell. His son Jayden is an aspiring basketball player who plays guard just like his father used to. He also has two daughters, LaTanfernee who was born in the year 1992 and Layla Hardaway who was born in 2005. He is also a member of Kappa Alpha Psi.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

In his careers both as a basketball player and as a coach, he has won several awards and been nominated indifferent areas severally. He was the payer of the year in 1989 and 1990 while at Memphis High School. In 1990, he was selected by the basketball times to play in All-American first team. He became a National High School Player of the year in 1990. He was also player of the year in both 1992 and 1993 at Great Midwest Conference.

In 1995 November, he was nominated as the NBA player of the month. He took part in playing NBA finals in 1995. He was also awarded a gold medal in 1996 Summer Olympics when he was playing for USA Men’s Basketball. Currently, he is a basketball head coach at Memphis Tigers.

Net Worth & Earnings:

After being a professional basketball player for several years and achieving so much in his career, Penny retired from playing in the year 2007. He had accumulated a net worth of $60 million. On his career as NBA player, he earned $120 million in salary only. This was before deducting lifestyle fee and taxes. Additionally, he got approximately $20 million from endorsements.

Penny has achieved so much in his career as a basketball player. This can be traced by the awards he has gained as a player among other accomplishments. He has gained a lot of net worth out of his hard work. He being one of the best American basketball players helped him secure a coaching position after he retired. This is an opportunity for him to continue enjoying the game, though as an instructor now.


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