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Juan Dixon Net Worth

Juan Dixon Net Worth 2020

Juan Dixon is a celebrated player in the basketball fraternity who has achieved a successful career with high-note recognition and popularity on a global scale. Currently, Dixon is a retired basketball player who has been associated with the well-known basketball team ‘National Basketball Association.’ As a player, he used to hold the guard position on the basketball court with his high play skill and techniques. In addition to this, Juan Dixon is popularly known as the Head Coach for his specified basketball team. Let us find out the net worth of Juan Dixon in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Juan Dixon Net Worth 2020

On 9 October 1978, Juan Dixon was born in Baltimore in the United States, and thus he was born with American nationality. Juan Dixon was born to father ‘Phil Dixon’ and mother ‘Juanita Dixon.’ Juan Dixon has grown up along with his other sibling ‘Jermaine Dixon.’ Juan Dixon had undergone from a tragic incident when he lost his entire family at once before his graduation days. Both of his parents had AIDs and also were addicted to heroin.

It thus shows Dixon had a difficult childhood due to his bad surroundings. Juan Dixon belongs to a mixed ethnicity as he is half African and half American. Juan Dixon did his schooling from the ‘Calvert High School.’ Dixon did his college from the ‘University of Maryland.’ In his college days, Dixon was a great basketball player in his college team where he used to take basketball training under his team coach ‘Gary Williams.’

Personal Life

In the year 2005, Juan Dixon got hitched to his high school girlfriend sweetheart ‘Robyn Bragg.’ But soon the couple ended up in a divorce due to some personal issue. The couple together has two children ‘Carter Dixon’ and ‘Corey Dixon.’

Career, Awards & Nominations

In the year 2002, Juan Dixon first started off his basketball career professionally. Initially, Dixon played for several well-known basketball teams, and then he was finally selected in the ‘NBA Draft’ under the ‘Washington Wizard.’ Next, Dixon played for the ‘Portland Trail Blazer’ in the year 2005. Again in the year 2007, Dixon made his comeback with ‘Toronto Raptors.’ In the following year, Dixon joined the ‘Detroit Pistons.’ Significantly over the past years, Dixon has played various other teams such as the ‘Atlanta Hawks,’ ‘Maryland Terrapin’, and many others.

Over the past years of a successful basketball career, Juan Dixon has been bestowed by the ‘Naismith Player of the Year Award’ and also the ‘Wooden Player of the Year Award.’

Net Worth & Earnings

Teaming up his playing spirit and enthusiasm, Juan Dixon has elevated his charm and charismatic performance on the basketball court remarkably which is worth noticing and praiseworthy. The total estimated net worth of Juan Dixon is about $7 million approximately. It seems Juan Dixon has lived a lavish millionaire life with a well-maintained house lavishly decorated and also a few numbers of luxurious cars.

Juan Dixon’s professionalism in the basketball fraternity has always been appreciated and critically placed for his brilliance performance. In the year 2011, Juan Dixon opted for his basketball retirement which was a mournful day for the nation for losing a remarkable player from the basketball fraternity. Over the past years, Dixon has played for several reputed teams and has secured a scoring record on a global scale.


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