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Christian Laettner Net Worth

Christian Laettner Net Worth 2020

Christian Laettner is a recognizable American man who has set up an established career in the basketball fraternity to a great extent. Laettner has been a magnificent basketball player who has been an inspiration for the global audience. In addition to this, Christian Laettner has a great number of fans and supporter who loved to see him playing in a most successful manner. Let’s look at the net worth of Christian Laettner in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Christian Laettner Net Worth 2020

Christian Laettner was born on August 17, 1969, in New York in the United States and thus he was born with American nationality. Initially, Christian Laettner was born with the birth name as ‘Christian Donald Laettner’. Christian Laettner was born to father ‘George Laettner’. There is not much information about Christian Laettner’s mother. Christian Laettner has grown up along with his other sibling ‘Christopher Laettner’.

Christian Laettner did his schooling from the ‘Nichols School’. Christian was a great player on his school basketball team. Eventually, while playing for his school team, Christian has won many titles at the state and national level with remarkable points. Later, Christian Laettner did his college from the ‘Duke University’.

Personal Life

In his initial days, Christian Laettner has been a profound fisherman who resided in Florida.
Christian Laettner got hitched to Lisa Thibault, but soon they had a difficult marriage life, and thus they ended up in divorce. Christian Laettner is survived with three children.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Christian Laettner has started off his basketball career with the ‘NCAA Tournament’. Christian’s first major basketball tournament was against Kentucky. This match was a game-changing opportunity for Christian which has fetched him both fame and name abundantly.

Next, Christian Laettner won a basketball match against the ‘Kansas’ where he won the ‘most outstanding player of the tournament’.

In the year 1992, Christian Laettner won the Olympic gold medal which was highly appreciated by the global audience.

Next, Christian Laettner started over with the NBA career where he has ranked with remarkable points at the tournament.

Christian Laettner has been bestowed by several awards and nominations which has enhanced his basketball career more gloriously. To name a few, Christian Laettner has been bestowed by the ‘NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player’, ‘Consensus All-America’, ‘ACC Player of the Year’, ‘Oscar Robertson Trophy’, ‘Naismith Award’, ‘Rupp Trophy’, ‘USBWA Player of the Year’, and many others.

Net Worth & Earnings

Christian Laettner is an astounding basketball player who has put forth his passion and dedication towards his dream career. This has fetched him innumerable growth of success rate earning a great amount of net profit. Therefore, the total estimated net worth of Christian Laettner is about $14 million approximately.

Henceforth, Christian has set a new record throughout his professional career with high aim and high goals. Thus, Christian has held a new challenging record in the history of basketball fraternity. During his college time, Christian has also been bestowed by the ‘Player of the Year Award’. This was the kick-start for Christian Laettner basketball career. In addition to this, Christian has also been bestowed by the ‘National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame’.


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