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Johnny Damon Net Worth

Johnny Damon Net Worth 2020

Johnny Damon is a famous baseball player who had an interest in sports from an early age. He has played with many teams and has been able to gain huge fame with his gaming style. He has got much awards and recognition for his game, and if you want to know about the net worth of Johnny Damon in 2020, then you can read on further.

Early Life & Biography

Johnny Damon Net Worth 2020

He was born on 5th November in the year 1973 in Fort Riley located in Kansas. His father belongs to American, Irish and Croation descent and his mother is a Thai immigrant to the US. Both his father and mother meet each other in Thailand. He has spent most of his early life as an army brat as he used to move with his father from place to place.

Later on, his father left the army, and they finally settled in Orlando area. He was a pre-schooler at that time, and he was a quiet child. He also used to sing songs for therapy, but he remained quiet for a long time. He used to play baseball during his high school and then he was rated as the top prospect of his school in Baseball America.

Personal Life

He got married to Angela Venice who was his girlfriend from high school. He got married to her in the year 1992 when he was just nineteen years old. Both of them had twins in the year 1999, but they got divorced in the year 2002. In the year 2004, he got married to Michelle Mangan who gave birth to their daughter in the year 2007.
Both of them had their second daughter in the year 2008. She gave birth to twin girls in the year 2012 and then she gave birth to their 5th daughter in the year 2015. Now, they are expecting their sixth child, and they are going to name the boy Dash.

Career, Awards & Nominations

At first, he was selected by Kansas City Royals in the year 1992, and he has his debut in the major league in the year 1995. Later on, he joined Oakland Athletics in the year 2001, and he was third in the league during that time in the team. He joined Boston Red Sox in the year 2002 and signed a contract of $31 million for four years with them. Later on, he signed four years of contract with New York Yankees and earned $52 million with the contract. He continued to play with the team and signed a contract with Detroit Tigers in the year 2010.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Johnny Damon is around $65 million which he has earned by playing baseball professionally. He has played baseball for America and has won many series with his team. He used to earn a salary of $110 salary without taxes. He used to earn money with endorsements also and various other options.

He and his family live In Cresshill in New Jersey. He raises awareness regarding the injuries of people and activities in the Wounded Warrior Project. He also supported the wall between Mexico and the United States.


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